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Mesut Mert (CAN)

Date of birth: 1978-03-18
Age 42
Birthplace: Sofia, BUL
Raised: Halifax, NS, CAN
School(s): Saint Mary’s University
All Positions: Midfielder
Coaching B Licence
Team Honours: Canada Soccer Amateur Championship winner (Challenge Trophy)
Profile Text Last Updated 2019-10-04
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earned his Canada Soccer Coaching B Licence in 2011... 

End Date Team Coach National Team Project Club Age
2007-01-25 CAN MNT Stephen Hart [2007-01] Men’s national camp CAN / Impact de Montréal 28
2005-06-09 CAN MNT Frank Yallop [2005-06] Men’s national camp in USA CAN / Impact de Montréal 27
2004-07-15 CAN MNT Frank Yallop [2004-07] Men’s national camp Calgary Mustangs 26


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