As Canada’s leading grassroots soccer program, Active Start Soccer Fests has reached over four million Canadians and delivered financial, promotional and technical resources which contribute to the hosting of community soccer celebrations in collaboration with community soccer clubs.


Provincially affiliated Soccer Clubs may apply to host a Active Start Soccer Fests by filling out the online application form. To find out more details on how to host a festival, sponsor exclusivity, and festival hosting obligations make sure to review all our hosting documents before applying.

Interested in hosting a Start Soccer Fests, fill out our application form online now. As spots fill up quickly, we ask that you apply before June 1. Once you have held your Active Start Soccer Fests make sure to fill out the evaluation form as part of your hosting obligations.

Application Form
Apply to host your Active Start Soccer Fests today.
Evaluation Form
Complete the evaluation form after your Active Start Soccer Fests has ended as part of your hosting obligations.

Guidelines for the Return to Soccer

Canada Soccer outlines return to soccer guidelines. The return to soccer guidelines provide member organizations with a five-step process, including a checklist of weighted questions known as the Return to Soccer Assessment Tool.