Recognition of Qualifications


Recognition of Foreign Qualifications

  • Canada Soccer does not grant coaching licences by equivalency but does recognize foreign qualifications. 
  • Concacaf Coaching Convention:
    • Canada Soccer recognizes coaching diplomas from MAs within the Concacaf Coaching Convention as outlined in the Convention.
    • Coaches holding the pre-requisite qualification from a Concacaf Coaching Convention MA will be permitted to apply for a place on the subsequent Canada Soccer qualification (e.g., USSF B Diploma is permitted to apply for a place on the Canada Soccer A Diploma)
  • Recognition of Qualification
    • The following information outlines Canada Soccer’s policy on the Recognition of Qualification:

The Concacaf Coaching Convention grants individuals who have successfully completed coaching courses via another FIFA Member Association the right to have their qualifications assessed for recognition.

In these instances, assessments are conducted on an individual basis and only a Recognition of Qualification can be awarded using the prescribed template. A Concacaf coaching licence cannot be acquired as equivalency for a coaching licence granted by another FIFA Confederation (for example, one cannot receive a Concacaf A Licence as an equivalent for a UEFA A Licence). 

However, a Recognition of Qualification for your foreign qualification will grant you permission to coach in any environment that requires an equivalent Canada Soccer Licence. To receive a Recognition of Qualification for your foreign qualification, the following is required:

·          A copy of your foreign qualification, which will be verified with the awarding FIFA Member Association

·         A recent criminal record check from your home country (if applicable)

·         A recent Canadian criminal record check and vulnerable sector screen

·         Proof of a Canadian work permit, permanent residency, or Canadian citizenship

·         Completion of the Respect in Sport Activity Leader Program

·         Submission of your National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP) number and the completion of the following online NCCP courses:

o    Make Ethical Decisions (including the Online Evaluation)

o    Emergency Action Plan

o    Making Head Way

o    Understanding the Rule of Two

·         Payment of the Recognition of Qualification fee ($300).

Recognition of Qualification is valid for the duration of the validity of your foreign qualification (up to a maximum of three (3) years) and cannot be renewed. To continue coaching in Canada beyond the expiry of your Recognition of Qualification, you have the following options:

·         Continue your coaching education by applying to enter the Canada Soccer Coach Education Pathway at the appropriate level (i.e., Recognition of Qualification at the B Licence level permits application to the Canada Soccer A Licence)

·         Successfully complete the Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition (PLAR) process (outlined below).

Once the fee has been paid and the documents above have been submitted to Sarah Ouellette at [email protected], your application for recognition will be processed and a decision will be made within thirty (30) days. 

Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition (PLAR)

  • Coaches with significant playing, coaching, or educational experience may be eligible for PLAR.
    • Consideration will be given to the following:
      • Professional playing career
      • International playing career
      • Masters degree or higher (in a related field)
      • Coaching experience and/or qualifications
  • Coaches may apply for PLAR by:

§  Playing, Coaching, and/or Educational Résumé

§  NCCP Transcript

§  A recent Canadian criminal record check and vulnerable sector screen

§  A recent criminal record check from your home country (if applicable)

§  Philosophy of Player and Coach Development

  • Successful applicants will be notified that their application is moving on to the next stage of the process, which includes the following:
    • Payment of the PLAR fee of $1,500
    • Once payment has been made, the applicant will be assigned a mentor to guide them through the PLAR process. 
  • The PLAR process will require coaches to complete a capping project that includes the following and may include additional requirements based on the results of the coach’s prior learning assessment and recognition:
    • On-field coaching demonstration of competency, and/or
    • Match analysis, and/or
    • Portfolio 
  • The PLAR process may result in a coach being awarded a Licence or provided with access to a workshop without completing the required prerequisite(s).
    • The highest level of qualification that can be awarded via the PLAR process is the Canada Soccer B Diploma