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Andrew Kliment (CAN)

Date of birth: 1991-06-04
Age 27
Birthplace: Edmonton, AB, CAN
Raised: Winnipeg, MB, CAN
School(s): University of Winnipeg
Height: 172 cm
Profile Text Last Updated 2018-08-22
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soccer family (sister Michelle)... his father was born in Zamberk, CZE while his mother was born in Bani, PHI... he was four years old when his family moved to Brampton, ON; he was nine years old when his family moved to Winnipeg, MB... he was five years old when he started playing for Brampton SC... he speaks English (as well as some French and Czech)... grew up playing soccer, but also school sports such as volleyball, badminton, basketball... enjoys working out, movies, cooking, drawing... favourites have included Andres Iniesta, Tomas Rosicky, Ronaldo, Manchester United, Real Madrid, Liverpool... other favourites have included Michael Jordan, Curtis Joseph, Rafael Nadal, Toronto Maple Leafs, Winnipeg Blue Bombers, Toronto Blue Jays...

For Country

he was 18 years old when he made his debut in the Canadian youth program in 2010 with coach Valerio Gazzola...

End Date Team Coach National Team Project Club Age
2010-05-25 canm20 Valério Gazzola [2010-05] Internationale Cor Groenewegan Toernooi CZE / FK Bohemians Praha 18


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