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Alex Gibson (CAN)

Birthplace: Berlin, ON, CAN
Raised: Berlin, ON, CAN
Profile Text Last Updated 2016-12-03
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soccer family (brother Tom)... born about 1865... wrote the Newark Press in 1885, “he is a very hard and wiry young man. He is only twenty years of age, small in stature, but compact of build and is possessed of all the qualities that go to make a good football player”... 

For Country

was part of a Canadian XI that faced USA in an 1885 exhibition match (a 1:0 win in Newark, NJ, USA on 28 November 1885)... was part of a Canadian XI that faced USA in an 1886 exhibition match (a 2:3 loss in Newark, NJ, USA on 25 November 1886)... was part of the 1888 Canadian team that toured the United Kingdom, including the XI that faced Scotland in an exhibition match (an 0:4 loss in Glasgow on 18 September 1888)...

End Date Team Coach National Team Project Club Age
1888-11-01 CAN MNT David Forsyth [1888-09] Canadian tour of the United Kingdom 0
1886-11-26 CAN MNT Canada [1886-11] Canadian tour of New Jersey 0
1885-12-06 CAN MNT Canada [1885-11] Tour of New Jersey and Newark Cup 0


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