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[2013-12] Women’s Excel U-20 camp in Burnaby

  • Location(s): CAN
  • Start Date: 2013-12-11
  • End Date: 2013-12-21
  • Age Group: 1994

Lead Coach: Andrew Olivieri International Matches: Total Player Days: Number of players: Average age:
National Team Days: 11 0 231 21 17.76

Canada Soccer
[2013-12] Women’s Excel U-20 camp in Burnaby
Lindsay Agnew
Brittany Ambrose
Maryse Bard-Martel
Ashley Campbell
Jordane Carvery
Kylie Davis
Emma Fletcher
Rylee Foster
Vanessa Grégoire
Sarah Kinzner
Jade Kovacevic
Katie Kraeutner
Kinley McNicoll
Victoria Pickett
Amandine Pierre-Louis
Nichelle Prince
Rebecca Quinn
Valérie Sanderson
Kailen Sheridan
Natasha Tcheki-Jamgotchian
Nicole Waters

Number Position Name Club Age Where They Grew Up Twitter & Instagram
- D Lindsay Agnew 18 Kingston, ON, CAN & Dublin, OH, USA
- F Brittany Ambrose USA / Santa Clara University 19 South Surrey, BC, CAN
- GK Maryse Bard-Martel CAN / CS FC Boisbriand 18 Boisbriand, QC, CAN
- M Ashley Campbell USA / University of Dayton 19 Bradford, ON, CAN
- D Jordane Carvery CAN / Glen Shields FC 17 Richmond Hill, ON, CAN
- M Kylie Davis USA / University of Memphis 19 ïle-Bizard, QC, CAN
- M Emma Fletcher CAN / Vancouver Whitecaps FC Girls Elite BC Soccer REX 18 Victoria, BC, CAN
- GK Rylee Foster CAN / Woodbridge SC 15 Cambridge, ON, CAN
- M Vanessa Grégoire CAN / CS Lakeshore 14 Montréal, QC, CAN
- M Sarah Kinzner CAN / Calgary Foothills SC 16 Calgary, AB, CAN
- CB Jade Kovacevic CAN / Toronto Lynx SC 19 Oakville, ON, CAN
- M Katie Kraeutner USA / University of Nebraska–Lincoln 19 New Westminster, BC, CAN
- M Kinley McNicoll USA / University of Wisconsin–Green Bay 19 Oakville, ON, CAN
- D Victoria Pickett CAN / Glen Shields FC 17 Barrie, ON, CAN
- F Amandine Pierre-Louis CAN / Comètes de Laval 18 Montréal, QC, CAN
- F Nichelle Prince CAN / Pickering SC 18 Ajax, ON, CAN
- CB Rebecca Quinn CAN / Toronto Lynx SC 18 Toronto, ON, CAN
- F Valérie Sanderson USA / University of Memphis 18 Boisbriand, QC, CAN
- GK Kailen Sheridan CAN / Toronto Lynx SC 18 Whitby, ON, CAN
- CB Natasha Tcheki-Jamgotchian CAN / CS Lakeshore 17 Montréal, QC, CAN
- M Nicole Waters USA / University of Dayton 19 Georgetown, ON, CAN

Lead Coach: Andrew Olivieri

Name Role
Sian Bagshawe Team Manager
Kim Blake Equipment Manager
Christopher DeZorzi Athletic Therapist
Linda Hathorn (née Consolante) Technical Assistant
Joey Lombardi Performance Analyst
Sarah Manson Fitness Coach
Tricia McBride Physiotherapist
Andrew Olivieri U-20 Coach
Nicole Wright Goalkeeper Coach

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