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Dr. Kevin Asem

Date of birth: 1981-07-02
Age 39
All Positions: Doctor
Profile Text Last Updated 2014-02-17
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For Sport

served as a doctor in Canada Soccer’s men’s national youth program starting in 2012...

Men's Soccer

End Date Team Coach National Team Project Role
2018-10-17 CAN MNT John Herdman [2018-10] Concacaf Nations League Qualifying Doctor
2016-10-12 CAN MNT Michael Findlay [2016-10] Men’s International Series in Morocco Doctor
2016-06-08 CAN MNT Benito Floro [2016-06] Men’s national camp in Austria Doctor
2015-11-18 CAN MNT Benito Floro [2015-11] 2018 FIFA World Cup Qualifiers - Round 4 Doctor
2015-06-17 CAN MNT Benito Floro [2015-06] FIFA World Cup Qualifiers - Round 2 Doctor
2014-11-19 canm20 Robert Gale [2014-11] Men’s U-20 camp in England & Spain Doctor
2013-12-12 canm16 Robert Gale [2013-12] Men’s U-16 camp in Europe Goalkeeper Coach
2013-05-06 canm16 Robert Gale [2013-05] Torneo delle Nazioni Doctor
2012-11-24 canm18 Robert Gale [2012-11] Men’s U-18 camp in USA Doctor
2012-07-09 canm20 Nick Dasovic [2012-07] Men’s U-20 camp in Mexico Doctor


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