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Barry Sadler (CAN)

Date of birth: 1941-12-28
Age 78
Birthplace: Calgary, AB, CAN
Raised: Victoria, BC, CAN
School(s): University of Victoria, University of British Columbia
Height: 185 cm
All Positions: Goalkeeper
Team Honours: 3x Pacific Coast League winner (1966-67, 1967-68, 1971-72), 2x Pacific Coast International Championship (1966, 1967)
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Barry Sadler... he was three months old when his family moved from Calgary to Vancouver in 1942; his family moved then moved from Vancouver to Victoria after the War in 1946... 
a three-time Pacific Coast League winner (1966-67, 1967-68, 1971-72) and two-time Pacific Coast International Championship winner for the J.F. Kennedy Trophy (1966, 1967)... a three-time Victoria all-star selection against touring teams... he was the second goalkeeper to surpass 50 career clean sheets in the Pacific Coast League (after Ken Pears)... he retired as the Pacific Coast League’s all-time clean sheets leader (he posted 85 clean sheets from 1961 to 1972)... 
said Ken Howarth in 1962, Sadler “has all the equipment to blossom into one of our all-time great goalkeepers”... 
said Barry Sadler in 2017 of the Kennedy Trophy winning season, “it just clicked for us that year. It was a true team effort”... 
said Peter Greco in 2018, “Barry Sadler was a very good positional goalkeeper and he seemed to be in the right place at the right time for headers or crosses or corner kicks”... said Gary Thompson in 2018, “Barry Sadler was an excellent goalkeeper. He was always battling Ken Pears for the league lead in shutouts. When he played in goal for us, I would have trouble scoring on him in practice. Even on goals that went into the bottom corner, he would get a finger or two on it”... 

For Country

he was initially selected to play for Canada for FIFA World Cup Qualifiers in 1968... 

End Date Team Coach National Team Project Club Age
1971-04-20 CAN OLY Frank Pike [1971-04] Western Identification Trials 29
1968-07-01 CAN MNT Jim Richardson [1968-06] Canada trials in Toronto 26


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