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Mateo Restrepo (CAN)

Connect: @_teo97 @mateorestrepo04
Date of birth: 1997-04-29
Age 21
Birthplace: La Ceja, COL
Raised: Toronto, ON, CAN
Nickname: Teo
Height: 176 cm
Profile Text Last Updated 2017-02-25
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speaks Spanish, French and English... both of his parents were born in Medellin, COL... grew up participating in soccer, volleyball, track and field, basketball and cross country... he was six years old when he started playing soccer for Toronto Sporting... enjoys music, reading, hanging out with friends and family... favourites have included Carles Puyol, Lionel Messi, FC Barcelona... other favourites have included Derick Rose, Miami Heat... 

For Country

he was 14 years old when he made his debut in the Canadian youth program in 2011 with coach Sean Fleming... 

End Date Team Coach National Team Project Club Age
2015-11-18 canm18 Rob Gale [2015-11] Men’s U-20 (U-18) development camp in Mexico GER / FC Ingolstadt 04 18
2015-04-25 canm18 Robert Gale [2015-04] Slovakia Cup CAN / Toronto FC III 17
2014-10-13 canm18 Robert Gale [2014-10] Tournoi international U-18 de Limoges CAN / Toronto FC III 17
2013-12-12 canm16 Robert Gale [2013-12] Men’s U-16 camp in Europe CAN / Woodbridge SC 16
2013-05-06 canm16 Robert Gale [2013-05] Torneo delle Nazioni CAN / Woodbridge SC 16
2012-06-25 canm15 Michael Findlay [2012-06] Copa Mexico de Naciones Sub-15 CAN / Woodbridge SC 15
2012-04-30 canm17 Sean Fleming [2012-04] Torneo delle Nazioni Woodbridge SC 15
2011-11-25 canm15 Sean Fleming [2011-11] Men’s U-15 eastern identification camp CAN / Woodbridge SC 14


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