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Bert Kynman

Date of birth: 1912-02-09
Birthplace: York, ENG
Date of death: 1974-11-23
School(s): Leeds University
All Positions: Team Staff
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George Herbert Kynman... he married his wife Aemia Kynman (they had two boys (Tom and George)... he was 62 years old when he passed away in Winnipeg on 23 November 1974... served as P.T. Sergeant Instructor for the Royal Regiment of Canada... 

For Sport

served as trainer and helped Canada finish fourth at the V Pan American Games Winnipeg 1967...

Men's Soccer

End Date Team Coach National Team Project Role
1967-08-04 CAN OLY Terry Weatherall [1967-07] Pan American Games Winnipeg 1967 Athletic Trainer
1967-06-25 CAN OLY Terry Weatherall [1967-06] Olympic Qualifying Athletic Trainer


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