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Jenna Hellstrom (CAN)

Current club: SWE / Djurgårdens IF
Connect: @jennahellstrom @jennahellstrom
Date of birth: 1995-04-02
Age 22
Birthplace: Sudbury, ON, CAN
Raised: Sudbury, ON, CAN
School(s): Kent State University
Height: 168 cm
All Positions: Women's National Team Player
Profile Text Last Updated 2018-01-19
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speaks English... sports family (hockey father Peter)... both her father Peter and mother Donna were born in Sudbury... grew up competing in soccer, basketball, track... she was three years old when she started playing in Sudbury... growing up, favourites have included Lionel Messi, Sergio ramos, Manchester United FC... other favourites have included Sidney Crosby, Usain Bolt, Toronto Maple Leafs, Toronto Raptors, Toronto Blue Jays... 

For Country

she was 15 years old when she made her debut in the Canadian youth program in 2010 with coach David Benning...

End Date Team Coach National Team Project Club Age
2017-11-29 CAN WNT John Herdman [2017-11] Women’s international in Spain SWE / FC Rosengård 22
2010-08-09 canw15 David Benning [2010-08] Women’s U-15 camp in USA CAN / Sudbury Panhellenic SC 15


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