Canada Soccer’s successful ‘TELUS She CAN Coach’ expands to three more provinces

Expansion to British Columbia, Manitoba and Ontario, and a return to Alberta and Nova Scotia in the program’s second year

Canada Soccer is thrilled to announce the expansion of the TELUS She CAN Coach program into its second year, following a highly successful inaugural year. The program, designed to support and enhance the education and development of women coaches in grassroots soccer, saw impressive participation and impact in its first year and is set to reach even more Canadians in the program’s second year.

“As a global technology company, we connect Canadians to the people and activities they’re passionate about, bringing communities together and keeping them connected to what matters most,” Jill Schnarr, Chief Social Innovation, Communications and Brand Officer, TELUS. “Soccer is the largest and fastest growing sport in Canada. While its popularity grows so too does the need to address inequities and barriers to access. We are thrilled at the initial success of the TELUS She Can Coach program and excited to help support its expansion across the country, helping drive positive social change in our communities and further enabling equitable access, opportunity and recognition for female athletes.” ​ ​

Success of Year 1

In the first year of the TELUS She CAN Coach program, a collective effort was seen from 20 clubs— 12 in Alberta and eight in Nova Scotia. More than 200 coaches were recruited to participate, beginning or continuing their Canada Soccer Grassroots Coach Education. This widespread involvement underscores the increasing interest and dedication to promoting coaching opportunities for women in Canada.

“The enthusiastic participation and impactful experiences from Year 1 have set a strong foundation for further expansion,” Sara McConaghy, Director of Community & Fund Development. “We are excited to extend our reach to new provinces while continuing to foster a supportive and inclusive environment for women. This program is a testament to our commitment to advancing gender equity in soccer and empowering women coaches across the country.”

Key aspects of the program, including a national network of support through virtual sessions, were instrumental in providing coaches with invaluable opportunities to discuss topics relevant to women’s experiences in soccer and coaching. Esteemed guest speakers shared their expertise and motivation as coaches embarked on their journeys.

As inaugural provincial partners, Alberta Soccer and Soccer Nova Scotia actively embraced the program’s delivery within their regions, hosting highly successful Regional Coach Education Weekends. Each weekend featured four in-person practical workshops exclusively tailored for program coaches, fostering a positive, inclusive, and educational environment for all attendees.

Year 2 New Partnerships and Continued Collaboration

Building on the success of Year 1, Canada Soccer is excited to announce that the TELUS She CAN Coach program will expand in Year 2 to include new partnerships with BC Soccer, Manitoba Soccer Association and Ontario Soccer. The program will also continue its collaboration with Alberta Soccer and Soccer Nova Scotia. This expansion signifies a significant step forward in broadening the program’s reach and impact across Canada.

“We are thrilled to have been selected to take part in phase 2 of the TELUS She CAN Coach Program! This is something we have had our eye on, keenly, since phase 1 was announced in 2023,” Chris Lourenco, Technical Lead – Manitoba Soccer Association. “We have had a strong desire to increase the number of women coaches in Manitoba at all levels and it starts here, with programs like TELUS She CAN Coach. We are looking forward to working with our member clubs and Canada Soccer to address challenges, enhance the overall experience for women coaches, and inspire the next generation of girls in the province.” ​

Canada Soccer’s commitment to fostering the development of women coaches nationwide is exemplified by the TELUS She CAN Coach program. With expanded reach and continued support, Year 2 is set to build on the foundation established in the first year, driving further progress in women’s soccer coaching in Canada. ​

“BC Soccer is excited to join the TELUS She CAN Coach program, which is dedicated to empowering women coaches and increasing opportunities for women and girls in our system,”said Yasamin Alipour, Player Development Coordinator, BC Soccer. “This initiative is crucial in creating a more inclusive and diverse soccer community by addressing the unique challenges women face in the sport. We are committed to supporting and advancing gender equity in soccer and look forward to seeing the positive impact this program will have on fostering a welcoming and supportive environment for girls and women across British Columbia.” ​

Club Application

Clubs in British Columbia, Alberta, Manitoba, Ontario and Nova Scotia are invited to apply to participate in Year 2 of the program. ​

The application window will be open from July 2nd to August 2nd.

Community Clubs based in Alberta and Nova Scotia that participated in Year 1 are eligible to reapply for continued participation. Detailed information regarding the application process will be communicated to participating Member Associations, who will distribute it to local clubs.

For more details about the TELUS She CAN Coach Program and the delivery of Year 2, interested clubs based in the four partnered provinces can visit the official TELUS She CAN Coach Program webpage.