TELUS She CAN Coach Program

TELUS She CAN Coach is a national coach recruitment, development, and training project designed for women to address the challenges they face regarding soccer participation.


This program differs from a typical mentorship program as it involves recruitment, training, and development. It aims to support new and entry-level coaches. As part of our efforts, we welcome current woman coaches who have already begun their coaching pathway and are considered new or beginner coaches in club settings to participate in our program.


Diverse women leaders in sport are critical in creating a welcoming and safe space for girls in sport. This project will strive to support and advance gender equity in soccer by reducing the barriers of entry for women to coach, with the hope that this will increase registration of women and girls and help to balance the gender gap in participation.


We aim to increase the number of women coaches and encourage more girls to engage in the sport.

TELUS She CAN Coach will align clubs nationwide to actively recruit, develop and inspire women to become coaches in our game by eliminating barriers, providing a welcoming environment, and ensuring all women interested in coaching have a place where they feel they belong.” – Sara McConaghy, Manager, Development – Director, Community and Fund Development

Canada Soccer is partnering with Alberta Soccer and Soccer Nova Scotia for phase one of this project. We will be expanding to move provinces and territories for phase two set to begin in 2024.


The application period for Phase 1 of the TELUS She CAN Coach Program has ended. Canada Soccer has selected twelve Clubs from Alberta and eight from Nova Scotia for the first phase of program delivery. Further information regarding Phase 2 will be released in the spring of 2024.

Alberta: BTB Soccer Club, Calgary Blizzard Soccer Club, Calgary Foothills FC, Calgary Rangers Soccer Club, Calgary Rockies FC, Calgary Villains FC, Eastside Memorial FC, McKenzie United Soccer Club, Medicine Hat Soccer Association, Selects FC, New Frontier Soccer, Spruce Grove Soccer.

Nova Scotia: Fundy Youth Soccer Club, Halifax City Soccer Club, Halifax Dunbrack Soccer Club, Ignite Soccer, Soccer Cape Breton, Storm Soccer Club, Suburban Football Club, United DFC.

Canada Soccer would like to thank all the clubs that have submitted applications for the TELUS She CAN Coach. Additional information regarding the next phases of TELUS She CAN Coach will be released in the near future.


We’d like to recognize Guelph Soccer for being the initial community creators of this project. You can view their work and progress toward gender equity here.

Importance of Gender Equity in Sport

Gender Equity is the process of allocating resources, programs, and decision making fairly to all genders without any discrimination on the basis of gender, and addressing any imbalances in the benefits available to people of different genders. – Canadian Women in Sport (CWS)

Telus She CAN Coach is part of Canada Soccer’s women’s and girls’ development strategy. The purpose of Telus She CAN Coach is to recruit and support new and beginner-level coaches. Future phases will aim to offer ongoing support and networking opportunities for existing women coaches, providing coach development opportunities beyond grassroots education.

Canada Soccer acknowledges women coaches across the country who are actively working towards narrowing the gender equity gap in soccer. Through their valuable contributions to the sport, they act as inspiring role models for girls in soccer and aspiring women coaches.

Canada Soccer also acknowledges other organizations and initiatives nationwide that offer exceptional opportunities for women coaches.