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Circle K Active Start Soccer Fests program is a youth development program targeted at children under the age of 12. The goal of the festival program is to introduce the sport of soccer to youth through a fun-filled event for both children and their parents. Games are played on downsized fields using smaller versions of balls, nets, and simplified rules, with an emphasis on fun, participation, and good sportsmanship.

The term Active Start comes from the Canadian Soccer’s long-term player development (LTPD) model, which is the training philosophy that provides the foundation for the Canada Soccer Pathway. The Canada Soccer Pathway provides a roadmap for players of all ages and aspirations who want to play soccer at the recreation, competitive or high performance EXCEL levels, with the aim of encouraging lifelong participation. For more information on the Long-Term Player Development model and the Canada Soccer Pathway, please visit our Canada Soccer Pathway tab where you can review a number of resources, which includes age specific coaching guides. Also, be sure to check-out our Activities Overview tab for guidelines on how to organize a festival.

To apply to host a festival, applicants must be affiliated with a soccer club in good standing with the Canadian Soccer Association and its member Provincial Associations. Once approved, organizers can expect to receive cash grants and promotional materials from the Canadian Soccer Association and its sponsors, to run the festival event in the local community. Many clubs hold a festival as their annual season opener or year-end tournament. Active Start Soccer Fests bring together Canada’s local and regional soccer programs in a fun, family-oriented atmosphere.

We do ask that you apply as early as possible to allow us to process your application in full. The application deadline for the 2021 season is June 1.

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Guidelines for the Return to Soccer

Canada Soccer outlines return to soccer guidelines. The return to soccer guidelines provide member organizations with a five-step process, including a checklist of weighted questions known as the Return to Soccer Assessment Tool.