Welcome to the Canada Soccer Legacy Fund

At Canada Soccer, we believe soccer has the power to transform lives, unite communities, and inspire greatness. We are thrilled to introduce the Canada Soccer Legacy Fund. This dynamic initiative will play a pivotal role in realizing our vision of bringing the beautiful game to more Canadians than ever before. The Legacy Fund represents an investment in the future of soccer in Canada, ensuring that every player, coach, referee, and leader can thrive within the sport they love.

Our Commitment to Growth and Inclusivity

An unwavering commitment to growth and inclusivity drives the Canada Soccer Legacy Fund. Our goal is to create a soccer community that is accessible, diverse, and dynamic, empowering individuals from all walks of life to participate, excel, and lead. Through strategic partnerships, generous donations, and dedicated support, we are forging a legacy that goes beyond the field and deep into the hearts of communities nationwide.

Unlocking Opportunities: Our Focus Areas

The Canada Soccer Legacy Fund is designed to elevate three critical pillars of soccer development:

1. Removing Barriers to Entry: We recognize that barriers can hinder the full potential of soccer's impact. Through our Legacy Fund, we are dedicated to creating programming that specifically addresses the needs of underrepresented and marginalized groups. By offering inclusive opportunities and fostering an environment of belonging, we aim to open doors and break down barriers, ensuring every Canadian can access our sport.

2.Enhancing Development for Leaders: Coaches, referees, and emerging leaders are the backbone of our sport. The Legacy Fund recognizes the importance of their roles and aims to enhance their opportunities for growth and education. By empowering coaches and referees with advanced training and resources and supporting emerging leaders in their pursuit of soccer-related careers, we ensure that our sport remains vibrant and inspiring.

3.Supporting Youth National Team Programs: Our youth are the future of Canadian soccer, and the Legacy Fund is committed to nurturing their growth. We will direct resources towards our Youth National Team programs, providing them with the experiences, coaching, and environments needed to thrive internationally. By investing in our youth, we're investing in the legacy of Canadian soccer excellence.

Your Role in Shaping the Legacy

The Canada Soccer Legacy Fund is built on collaboration and partnership. Your support is essential in creating lasting change, fostering talent, and expanding the reach of soccer's positive influence. By joining us on this journey, you become a catalyst for progress, a champion of inclusivity, and a guardian of the sport's legacy.

Canada Soccer Legacy Fund
For the Love of the Game, For the Love of the Legacy

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