Jonathan David

Jan 14, 2000
Lille OSC
Brooklyn, USA
175 cm
Where they grew up
Ottawa, CAN
International "A" Level - CAN MNT
24 Appearances
19 Starts
18 Goals
9 Assists


Jonathan David

Jonathan Christian David... speaks French and English... he was three months old when his family moved from Brooklyn, NY, USA to Port-au-Prince, HAI; he was six years old when his family moved to Ottawa... grew up playing soccer... he was 10 years old when he started playing soccer for Gloucester Dragons Soccer; he was 11 years old when he joined Ottawa Gloucester SC Hornets (his coach was Hanny El Magraby)... favourites have included Ronaldinho, Neymar, Cristiano Ronaldo, FC Barcelona... other favourites have included Kevin Durant...

in France with Lille OSC, a Ligue 1 winner (2020-21) and Trophée des Champions winner (2021)... with 13 goals in 2020-21, set a single-season record for goals by a Canadian in one of Europe’s top five league (England, France, Germany, Italy or Spain)...

said David in 2018 ahead of his international debut, “I want to do something special... with this group of players and the country we can take Canada somewhere it hasn’t been for a long time”... said David in 2018 after his home international debut, “it is the best feeling in the world because I get to play representing my country and do something special”... said coach John Herdman in 2019, “he’s an absolute gift... what I like about Jonathan is the fact that he is so grounded. I call him the Iceman. He is just deadpan. You can see he comes from a really solid family that has good values. He is not going to get carried away and I think that will be the difference for him. He’s not going to get carried away and I think that will be the difference for him”...

said coach John Herdman after David won 2019 Canadian Player of the Year honours, “he is a great role model for young players because humility and talent is always a great combination. He’s always made himself available to represent his country and he has delivered with performances and goals. We are proud to have Jonathan David as one of our own and pleased his hard work has received recognition”...

said David in 2020 after signing with Lille OSC, « Je veux jouer et progresser, et je pense que c'est l'endroit parfait. Je suis un joueur qui sait se placer sur le terrain. J'aime jouer avec mes qualités : la technique et la vitesse notamment. »...



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