Bobby Newbold

04 February 1919
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
183 cm
Where they grew up
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada


Bobby Newbold

Robert Newbold... sports family (skiing son Bob Jr, brothers Johnny and Don, nephew John Jr.)... his father Thomas was born in England while his mother Catherine was born in Scotland... he was married to wife Estelle (they had children Bobby and Heather)... enjoyed sports, music, outdoors... his extended family (through brother Johnny’s marriage) included brothers George, Jimmy and Doug Greig as well as their father David Greig... worked for BC Telephones...

a one-time Dominion of Canada Football Championship winner (1947).... five-time Pacific Coast League winner (1940-41, 1945-46, 1946-47, 1947-48, 1949-50)... a five-time all-star selection (once in 1943 and then four-straight times after all-star teams were selected regularly from 1948 to 1952)... he led or co-led the Pacific Coast League in clean sheets nine times... he was the first goalkeeper to surpass career 25 clean sheets in the Pacific Coast League... he retired as the Pacific Coast League’s all-time clean sheets leader (he posted 37 clean sheets from 1939 to 1954, a record later surpassed by Ken Pears)...

in January 1940, was transferred from Western Monarchs at the junior ranks to Vancouver St. Andrews in the Pacific Coast League for $15 (said manager Jock Copland, “that’s a hell of a price to pay for a junior player”)... as noted in 1943, Newbold “appears to be the best netminder operating in the loop”... as noted by the Province in 1947, “Bobby Newbold is recognized as the king of Coast League netminders”... as noted in a 1948 all-star program, Newbold was “a tower of strength”... wrote Jim Watson in 1949, “it is generally conceded there hasn’t been a goalkeeper to touch him in British Columbia - and of course, that means Canada”... as noted in a 1950 all-star program, “generally recognised as the outstanding man in his position in the Pacific Coast League”... also noted in 1950 after an all-star match against England, fans “won’t forget for a long time the display put up by St. Andrews’ Newbold in goal”... wrote the Vancouver Province in 1950, hit peak form in last couple of years; accepted as best goalie in Coast League; wonderful anticipation; kicks ball beautifully”... wrote Austin Delany in 1951, “has been the outstanding goalie here for many years; has a fine pair of hands, great anticipation, and can kick a ball with either foot”... as noted in a 1951 all-star program, “no other goalkeeper has seriously threatened the slender, graceful Bob’s supremacy for years; a stylist with great anticipation, he kicks a ball perfectly with either foot”...

said daughter Heather in 2019, “he had been recruited by the world's top teams to play for them, but he declined because he didn't want to live anywhere else. Although he traveled the world, he was happy at home and in his garden. Growing up in Vancouver's natural spaces and nearby wild places, he loved nature and wildlife his whole life.”... also said daughter in 2019, “in addition to being a gifted athlete, he gave of himself in everything he did. He helped others throughout his life; he was respected and liked by everyone”...

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