Dr. Fred Stambrook
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Nov 16,1929
Oxford University University of London
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Jan 01,2013


Dr. Fred Stambrook
Dr. Frederick George Stambrook... he was nine years old when his family moved to England as a refugee... was 39 years old when he moved to Canada after various academic postings including U.K., Australia and Canada... he was 75 years old when he passed away in Winnipeg, MB on 15 July 2005... earned a B.A. Honours degree from Oxford University in 1950... was an Education and Sports Officer in the Royal Air Force (1950-52)... was employed by the British Foreign Office (1954-59)... earned his B.Sc. (Enco.) from the University of London... earned a PhD from the University of London in 1960 (doctorate in philosophy)... taught at the University of Sydney (1960-68)... worked at the University of Manitoba: as Associate Professor / Professor of History starting in 1968; as Dean of Arts from 1977 to 1982; as Vice-President (Academic) starting in 1982... 
Canada Soccer’s Dr. Fred Stambrook Trophy was introduced in 2006, one of the select All Stars trophies (the annual showcase ran from 1975 to 2013 and served either U-15 or U-14 age groups over the course of 39 years)... 
wrote Stambrook in 1992, “the Association is heading in the right direction. We have shown that we can pull together domestically and we have also increased the international image of the association with the 1987 World Under-17 Boys Championship, the 1992 CONCACAF Congress and Youth Championship hosted by Canada Soccer"... wrote Terry Quinn in 1993, “throughout (Stambrook’s) many years with Canada Soccer, he has worked tirelessly to bring the youth into the fold of soccer... he has preserved to help the children of our country enjoy the great game of soccer”... 

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