John Russell

Apr 02,1895
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Jan 01,1993


John Russell
John Haddow Russell... he was 20 years old when he moved to Vancouver in 1905... he married wife Lucy Anna on 31 December 1913 (they had one son Robert Bertrand)... he was 78 years old when he passed away in Vancouver, BC on 21 June 1963... worked for the British Columbia Telephone Company (from 1923 into the 1940s)... wrote for the Vancouver Daily Province newspaper... he was presented with a gold watch from the Dominion of Canada Football Association after their 1927 annual meeting... 
wrote Roy Jukich in 1958, Russell was “a tireless worker in local and Canadian soccer circles for 50 years”... said Russell in 1958 upon his retirement from BC Soccer at age 73, “this is one of the saddest days in my life, but youth must be served; I’ll be around to help in any small way I can. You just can’t quit something that’s been part of your life”... said Frank Bain in 1958, “John’s shoes are going to be awfully hard to fill. He devoted most of his life to Canadian soccer and was a tireless worker”... as noted by George Anderson in Canada Soccer’s 1965 minutes and reports, Mr. Russell was “an encyclopedia of information on soccer matters and had a wonderful retentive memory”... 

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