Colin Jose

Falmouth, ENG
173 cm
Where they grew up


Colin Jose

Dennis Colin Jose... he emigrated from England to Canada in 1957 (first to Hamilton, then to Moose Jaw); after returning to England, he came back to Canada for good in 1964... worked for Westinghouse in Hamilton... worked for Canadian Appliance Manufacturing Company... was a member of the International Federation of Football History and Statistics... in 1999, served on The Soccer Hall of Fame’s first selection committee that voted on 11 players and 11 builders for the inaugural Class of 2000...

honoured as a Canada Soccer Life Member... honoured by the Canada Soccer Hall of Fame and the Hamilton Soccer Hall of Fame... recipient of Canada Soccer’s President’s Award in 2007... named in his honour by the US National Soccer Hall of Fame, the Colin Jose Media Award honours “media who have made significant contributions to the game throughout their writing and/or broadcast careers”...

co-author of the book Soccer in Canada with Bill Rannie... author of the book on the North American Soccer League... author of the book the United States and World Cup Soccer Competition...

wrote Don Lovegrove in 1977, Colin “created his personal (soccer) library by searching through the library at McMaster University, newspaper files, and microfilm“... wrote Jim Kernaghan in 1979, Colin “pegs the start of the game in Toronto as 1876, when Carlton Cricket Club and the Toronto Lacrosse Club played a game on 21 October for the first time employing standard rules of the game as set down by the Football Association of England“... wrote Dale Barnes in 1987, “Colin’s background in soccer research and writing is of the highest calibre and he is respected not only in North American, but around the world”... wrote George Gross in 1995, Jose “spent decades on the research of Canadian and American soccer history as well as facts about origins of leagues in the two countries. He is respected the world over”... said Colin Jose of his library, “it’s my hobby and I get a great deal out of it; I get to see a lot of games; there are some financial rewards, but most years it’s a tradeoff; I spend as much as I make”... said Jose of a one-day successor, “I just can’t see anyone taking the same kind of interest”... said John McMahon, “he is as dedicated a soccer man as I know; he’s a tremendous statistician and one man that I can’t do without”... wrote Don Lovegrove, “Jose is unquestionably the most knowledgeable soccer journalist in the country“...

For Sport

served as press officer of Canada’s national team from 1972 to 1982... helped CBC during Montréal 1976 Olympics (soccer research)... served as a liaison officer on the FIFA press and publications committee... served as the official statistician for Canada Soccer’s national teams... served as the official statistician and historian of the Canadian Soccer League...

served on the National Organising Committee (Media Relations) for the FIFA U-16 World Tournament Canada 1987 (FIFA U-17 World Cup)... served on the Executive Committee of the International Federation of Football History and Statistics... was a founding member of The Soccer Hall of Fame and Museum in 1997...

Individual Honours