Jock Hendry

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Jock Hendry

John Wilson Hendry... he was 67 years old when he passed away in Burnaby, BC, CAN on 2 October 1974... worked in the transit division of BC Hydro...

served as the 18th President of the Football Association of Canada (1954-57)... honoured as a Canada Soccer Life Member...

wrote Colin Jose, “Hendry’s first and only love was soccer; to him, ‘the game was the thing’”... wrote the Canadian Press in 1947, Hendry was “generally credited with building up soccer on the Pacific Coast”... wrote Austin Delany in 1956, “it must be understood that Hendry more than anyone else, including such redoubtable fellows as Scotty McNair and Tommy Nelson, is considered the mother and father of the present Pacific Coast League - and rightly so. He it was (without any thought of honorariums) who nurtured and kept it alive in the lean years when soccer fans couldn’t afford street car fare and would walk out to Callister and pay their two-bits to see the fun”... as noted in his 1974 obituary, he “was a very capable defender while performing for St. Saviours of the Pacific Coast League... following his retirement, Jock switched to the executive level where he enjoyed considerable success during soccer’s boom years”...

For Sport

served as 18th President of Canada Soccer (1954-55 to 1956-57), then known as the Football Association of Canada... during his tenure as Canada Soccer President, he helped the Association secure Carling’s sponsorship for the Canada Soccer Championship in 1954... served as a Canada Soccer Vice-President (1953-54) and Canada Soccer Past President (1957-58)...

served as president of the Pacific Coast League (1939-44 and 1947)... served as a committee member for the Tournament of Soccer Champions sponsored by The Vancouver Sun...

served as manager-secretary of the Pacific Coast League (the new Summer League started in 1956)...

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