Bob Harley

08 September 1888
Date of passing
26 June 1958 (Age 69)
Johnstown, SCO
Where they grew up
International "A" - CAN MNT
6 Appearances
6 Starts
0 Goals
0 Assists


Bob Harley

Robert Walkinshaw Harley... immigrated to Canada in 1911... served in the Great War with the Fifth Battalion (he was wounded in action at the front in 1916)... he enlisted for the Canadian Over-Seas Expeditionary Force on 18 December 1914 in Prince Albert, SK... he was decorated for bravery on the front line... spent a year and a half recovering from his leg injury in the Tuxedo Army hospital in Winnipeg... he was in his 69 years old when he passed away in Winnipeg on 26 June 1958 (he was buried at Brookside Cemetery, Plot: D6-1378-0)... worked as a bricklayer...

as noted in 1924 in The Globe, “said to be the best forward in the prairie city, a goal-getter of no mean ability”... once written in an Australian newspaper article in 1924, “feeding forwards was his forte. He was never guilty of kicking up the field like some halves do”... as noted in a 1924 Brisbane program, “always on the ball, (Harley) is one of Canada’s best players and possesses a football head; Harley is seldom brilliant, but his plugging methods have helped his side to victory on more than one occasion”...

For Country

was captain of the 1924 Canadian team that toured Australia and New Zealand (with matches played in Brisbane, Sydney, Newcastle, Adelaide and Auckland)... 

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