Billy Fenton

Date of passing
08 January 1953 (Age N/A)
Aberdeen, SCO
Where they grew up


Billy Fenton

William Fenton... born 1879... he moved to Canada in 1914... he was married to his wife Ada (they had seven children: John, Earl, Billy Jr, Eric, Fred, Jessie, Lena)... he was 74 years old when he passed away in Toronto on 8 January 1953... daily soccer column for Toronto Telegram for 20 years...

posthumously honoured by the Canada Soccer Hall of Fame...

said Ted Reeve, “we have never known a sports writer, in our time, who was better, or we might go further than that and say good, on his own beat as was the late Billy Fenton”... wrote Ed Waring in 1953, Fenton was “one of the more accomplished soccer writers Canada has known... his flare for telling about Old Country soccer as well as generously publicizing local fitba’ earned him a large following on the Telegram sports pages”... said Bill Simpson in 1953, “he was a credit to sport and his fearless writing, plus his friendship for the little guy, made him a good citizen”...

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