National Soccer Registry

The National Soccer Registry is a Canada Soccer initiative in support of the conditions of membership of its parent organisation, FIFA. The requirements provide Canada Soccer with a range of opportunities related to its role as the governing body to ensure safe sport and developmentally-appropriate training environments for all participants in the game to encourage a life-long love of the sport across the country. The National Soccer Registry will provide administrators across the country with real-time access to attraction, retention, progression, and transition details on players, coaches, and referees at the amateur levels of the game. It will also serve as the backbone of the Safe Sport Roster and Canada Soccer’s Club Licensing Program tracking club development details, and providing Canada Soccer and its members with a robust reporting system to address retention factors that cause young players to leave the sport. The solution is a made-in-Canada technology that ensures the strictest adherence to the privacy protection legislation of all 13 Canadian Provinces and Territories with all data stored in warehouses located in Canada protected by the latest security protocols.