MA Level 2 overview

Canada Soccer Club Licensing Program – Categories – Member Association Youth Club Licence – Level 2

General Profile 

The Member Association Youth Club Licence – Level 2 of the Canada Soccer Club Licensing Program identifies organizations committed to achieving the highest expectations of the Grassroots, Community, and Competitive Streams and targets those with aspirations of moving in to the Development/Performance Stream. Organizations achieving the Member Association Youth Club Licence – Level 2 are making an enhanced commitment across each of the pillars, which requires significant resources to achieve.

Characteristics and Behaviours

Demonstrates the Characteristics and Behaviours from the Member Association Youth Club Licence Level 1.


  • Has advanced governance structures and documents and commits to ongoing governance development.
  • Has advanced, long-term, planning documents that include measures of success.


  • Is in strong financial health and demonstrates fiscal responsibility and appropriate deployment of resources.
  • Is competently managed and operated and demonstrates appropriate human resource and financial management practices.
  • Deploys appropriate resources toward administration and operations.
  • Has enhanced marketing and communication plans and capabilities.


  • Deploys appropriate resources toward infrastructure access and development.
  • Has a physical space as a headquarters for operations. (RECOMMENDATION)
  • Has access to enhanced facilities to allow for advanced programming.


  • Deploys appropriate resources toward technical programs, services, staffing, and support.
  • Is aligned to its Provincial/Territories and National Player Pathways.
  • Has advanced technical planning documents that align to the Strategic Plan and Long-Term Player Development principles and include short and long-term goals.
  • Has an Annual Plan for all programming, which includes periodized training and competition strategies and schedules aligned to the competition(s) in which it participates for the Learning to Train, Training to Train, Training to Compete, and Soccer for Life stages.
  • Has a playing philosophy and training methodology and/or curriculum that is consistent with Long Term Player Development recommendations across all stages.
  • Understands and implements Canada Soccer Player and Position Profiles and Characteristics.
  • Educates coaches, players, and parents about the Provincial/Territorial and National Player Pathways and Long-Term Player Development model.
  • Operates advanced, year-round programming.
  • Has programs that remove barriers to participation for and/or target under-represented groups.
  • Has a Technical Lead with enhanced certification (refer to Category Requirements for specifics).
  • Has access to an internal Learning Facilitator to deliver Canada Soccer Community Coaching Workshops for the stages at which it operates.
  • Has access to a Goalkeeper Coach and provides goalkeeper-specific training opportunities.
  • Has a strategy for coach recruitment, retention, development, assessment, and recognition that includes targeting women in coaching.
  • Offers non-certification coach development and mentorship opportunities and provides coaches with access to appropriate support.
  • Coaches are committed to ongoing development and education.
  • Has a Physical Training Plan that includes stage-appropriate testing protocol.

Member Association Youth Club Licence – Level 2 Standards

Schedule & Results

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