Toronto and Vancouver reveal their host city brand for the FIFA World Cup 26™

Toronto and Vancouver reveal their host city brand for the FIFA World Cup 26™

Vancouver and Toronto have revealed their host city brands for the FIFA World Cup 26™, showcasing their unique identities and anticipation for the upcoming tournament.


In Toronto, the official host city brand and the #WeAre26 awareness campaign were unveiled, creating a sense of pride and excitement for hosting the World Cup. The brand incorporates blue and green colours, with a Toronto emblem depicting the FIFA World Cup™ trophy and a bold typeface. The city collaborated closely with FIFA to define its unique attributes as a host city. Celebrations in Toronto include lighting up iconic landmarks, branded signage across the city, and a special youth soccer scrimmage and clinic with National Team players.


Vancouver’s brand represents the city’s natural beauty, vibrant culture, and history of supporting major events. The design features nature-inspired colours and dynamic patterns, symbolizing the majestic mountains and surrounding waters. Vancouverites and visitors will have the opportunity to experience the excitement visually throughout the city. The tournament is expected to have a significant impact on the local economy, with preliminary estimates suggesting it could generate over $1 billion for British Columbia’s tourism sector and attract an additional 900,000 visitors to the province.

Both Vancouver and Toronto anticipate significant economic, cultural, and community benefits from hosting the tournament. The FIFA World Cup 2026 will create thousands of jobs, attract visitors from around the globe, and generate hundreds of millions of dollars in local economic development. Beyond the next three years, the event is also expected to drive growth in community soccer participation and leave a lasting legacy in terms of enhanced playing facilities, improved coaching, and increased organizing capacities. Vancouver and Toronto are proud host cities, eagerly awaiting the opportunity to showcase their respective identities and welcome the world to experience the magic of the FIFA World Cup.

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