Teams win BC Premier Cup ahead of Canada Soccer’s PDP Championship

BC Premier Cup

On the road to Canada Soccer’s inaugural Player-Development Program Championship in August, four British Columbia teams have been crowned BC Premier Cup winners for the 2024 season. Richmond’s Fusion FC (boys) and Langley United SA (girls) won their respective U-17 divisions while Surrey United SC (boys) and Coastal FC (girls) won their respective U-15 divisions.

All four teams had qualified for Canada Soccer’s Player-Development Program Championship one week earlier through the Semifinals, as two British Columbia teams in each division have qualified for the PDP U-17 Cup and PDP U-15 Cup. Canada Soccer’s Player-Development Program Championship runs from 14 to 18 August in Edmonton, Alberta.

In the BC Premier Cup U-17 age group, Fusion FC won 4:0 over Burnaby FC in the boys’ U-17 division while Langley United SA won 3:0 over Coquitlam Metro-Ford SC in the girls’ U-17 division. Lucas Campedelli (hat trick) and Josh Jordan scored for Fusion FC while Hannah Lorenz, Quinn Johnson and Jade Mitchell scored for Langley United SA.

In the BC Premier Cup U-15 age group, Surrey United SC won 4-3 on kicks over Surrey FC (after a 2:2 draw) in the boys’ U-15 division while Coastal FC won 5-3 on kicks over North Vancouver FC (after a 1:1 draw) in the girls’ U-15 division. Massimo Ranallo scored twice for Surrey United SC while both Jon Rodriguez and Ji Lucas scored for Surrey FC; Kailey Curtin scored for North Vancouver FC before Morgan Cavezza scored for Coastal FC.

Canada Soccer’s Player-Development Program features a network of standards-based programs that represent high-level amateur youth soccer in Canada. Participating organisations, both clubs and academies, all meet the requirements for standards-based programming including recognition as an active National Youth Club Licensee.

The new Canada Soccer Player-Development Program Championship strengthens that connection between standards-based programs and showcases their quality of play. Inaugurated in 2024, the competition features clubs from the BC Soccer Premier League, the Alberta Youth Soccer League, the Ontario Player-Development League, and the Québec Youth Soccer Premier League (Première Ligue de Soccer Juvénile du Québec).