Referees appointed for Toyota National Championships


Canada Soccer have announced the list of appointed officials for Canada Soccer’s Toyota National Championships in Halifax (adult amateur), Moncton (U-17) and Waterloo (U-15) from 4-9 October 2023.

This marks the first year that Canada Soccer have assigned an equal number of male and female referees across the Toyota National Championships. Canada Soccer have assigned 36 referees for the three competitions and they work alongside local referees to help fill out the full schedule of 150 matches across six days (50 matches per venue). In all, there are 134 officials appointed to Canada Soccer’s 2023 Toyota National Championships.

At Halifax for the two adult amateur competitions, Canada Soccer have appointed 12 male referees from the NextGEN Program and 12 female referees from the Women’s Referee Program. Sébastien Dubé is serving as the Supervisor of Officials and Carman King is the Committee Chair while six Referee Assessors, one Referee Coach and one Fitness Coach rounds out the team in Nova Scotia.

Canada Soccer’s Toyota National Championships serves as the nation’s premier amateur competition and provides a meaningful soccer experience for participating teams and their players, coaches, support staff, as well as for officials and volunteers.

Challenge Trophy / Jubilee Trophy

Sébastien DubéQCSupervisor / Superviseur
Eric RoyQCAssessor / Assesseur
Tiger LiuQCAssessor / Assesseur
Juan MarquezNSAssessor / Assesseur
Daniel BelleauQCAssessor / Assesseur
Alexis VaughanONAssessor / Assesseur
Sliviu PetrescuONAssessor / Assesseur
Carman KingNSCommittee Chair / Président de la commission
Dave GantarABCoach / Entraîneur
Laurence RodierQCFitness Coach / Préparateur physique


Kurtis NozackABNextGen
Aubrey KotelkoMBNextGen
Chad LefebvreNSNextGen
Colin WilsonNSNextGen
Andrew KappertQCNextGen
Mehmet SenQCNextGen
Mazen HassaninABNextGen
Mazzen BlackABNextGen
David Schmidt-SchwedaBCNextGen
Mo MohseniBCNextGen
Mario Al-AyassQCNextGen
Robert d’AlesioQCNextGen
O-Lin MetzBCWomen’s Program / Programme pour les femmes
Natalie BerryNSWomen’s Program / Programme pour les femmes
Beth McClellandONWomen’s Program / Programme pour les femmes
Audrey ZielinskiQCWomen’s Program / Programme pour les femmes
Camille RaymondQCWomen’s Program / Programme pour les femmes
Shukwia TajikSKWomen’s Program / Programme pour les femmes
Harsmirit LakhyanABWomen’s Program / Programme pour les femmes
Kelsey CarrothersBCWomen’s Program / Programme pour les femmes
Brenna ZeltinsMBWomen’s Program / Programme pour les femmes
Allie MartinNSWomen’s Program / Programme pour les femmes
Isabelle DuclosQCWomen’s Program / Programme pour les femmes
Salma Flores-DesrochersQCWomen’s Program / Programme pour les femmes

U-17 Cup / Coupe U-17

Joe AudiONSupervisor / Superviseur
Jose BrancoBCAssessor / Assesseur
James KeastNSAssessor / Assesseur
Martin BattersonNLAssessor / Assesseur
Laurie HastingsABAssessor / Assesseur


Chris HarropBCNextGen
Anton HadzhiyskiQCNextGen
Josh GallABOfficial / Officiel
Tristan BilodeauQCOfficial / Officiel
Anne-Marie CanuelQCWomen’s Program / Programme pour les femmes
Sydney BerridgeBCWomen’s Program / Programme pour les femmes

U-15 Cup / Coupe U-15

Tony CamachoONSupervisor / Superviseur
John OlivaONAssessor / Assesseur
Stephen CahoonONAssessor / Assesseur
Gord ArrowsmithONAssessor / Assesseur
Vito CuralliONAssessor / Assesseur
Bob SawtellBCCoach / Entraîneur


Lillian RyuABOfficial / Officiel
Fatima MorabiteQCOfficial / Officiel
Victoria WarnerBCOfficial / Officiel
Nicholas HoweyMBOfficial / Officiel
Alonso GutierrezQCOfficial / Officiel
Heather LloydBCOfficial / Officiel

Schedule & Results

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