Ontario wins gold at 2022 Canada Games Women’s Soccer Tournament

Canada Games

Ontario won gold at this year’s 2022 Canada Games Women’s Soccer Tournament after beating Québec 3:0 in the Final. Nyah Rose, Amanda Allen and Aliya Gomes were the goalscorers while Zoe Markesini was selected Ontario’s Player of the Match.

In the Sunday Final, Ontario coach Bryan Rosenfeld started Faith Fenwick (goal), Jadea Collin, Maya Galko, Nyah Rose, Allison Carabin, captain Zoe Markesini, Alanna Raimondo, Naiya McFarlane, Amanda Allen, Kayla Briggs and Renee Walker. Patricia Tsokos, Anaya Johnson, Ava Greco, Aliya Gomes and Teegan Melenhorst all featured as substitutes while Sofia Cortes-Browne and Rosa Maalouf were also dressed but did not feature in the Final.

From the final day of the Women’s Soccer Tournament on Sunday 21 August, Ontario won gold, Québec won silver, and Nova Scotia won bronze.

Both the Men’s and Women’s Soccer Tournaments at this year’s Canada Games were played at the Youngs Sportsplex in Welland, Ontario. From the Men’s Soccer Tournament, Québec won gold, Ontario won silver, and Alberta won bronze.

1. Ontario
2. Québec
3. Nova Scotia
4. Alberta
5. British Columbia
6. New Brunswick
7. Prince Edward Island
8. Manitoba
9. Newfoundland Labrador
10. Saskatchewan
11. Yukon Territories

GK- Ellie Lancaster, Nova Scotia
GK- Leah Parsons, Alberta
CB- Allison Carabin, Ontario
CB- Clare Logan, British Columbia
CB- Zoe Markesini, Ontario
CB- Janet Okeke, Québec
CB- Audrey Robert, Québec
FB- Mya Archibald, Nova Scotia
FB- Jadea Collin, Ontario
FB- Elizabeth Orubor, Alberta
FB- Renee Watson, Ontario
M- Bryn Canning, Nova Scotia
M- Anna Hauer, Alberta
M- Jeneva Hernandez-Gray, British Columbia
M- Mika Marolly, Québec
F- Kayla Briggs, Ontario
F- Jaime Perrault, British Columbia
F- Nyah Rose, Ontario

Guidelines for the Return to Soccer

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