Canada Soccer Welcomes Financial and Governance Reviews

Canada Soccer

Canada Soccer announced Tuesday that it has agreed to undertake a recipient compliance audit and a governance assessment, at the request of The Honourable Pascale St-Onge, Minister of Sport. The two reviews will occur simultaneously and aim to strengthen and improve the financial and governance structures at Canada Soccer. 
In a letter sent to Canada Soccer today, the Minister requested and Canada Soccer has agreed to, the following elements: 

  • The department of Canadian Heritage will initiate a recipient compliance audit to cover the period from March 1, 2017 to March 31, 2023. This audit will aim to confirm that the funding from the Government has been allocated appropriately and in compliance with the terms and conditions of Canada Soccer’s contribution agreements.
  • Canada Soccer will engage an independent third party to conduct a full governance review. This will entail a comprehensive review of Canada Soccer’s governance structures, systems and processes including financial decision-making and transparency that takes into consideration the provisions of the Canadian Sport Governance Code. 
  • Sport Canada, the Canadian Olympic Committee, and Own the Podium are working together on the creation of an external advisory group that would offer support to Canada Soccer for addressing the recommendations of the audit and the governance review as well as other priority areas such as operational and financial transparency, including how information is shared with athletes. 

“While Canada Soccer has already taken steps to enhance our governance standards, we thank Minister St-Onge for her letter and for her collaborative approach in our efforts to further enhance our financial and operational transparency,” said Jason deVos, interim General Secretary, Canada Soccer. “We look forward to working together and alongside our partners at Sport Canada, the Canadian Olympic Committee and Own The Podium to ensure the recommendations of the audit and the governance review are dealt with responsibly and swiftly.”
Canada Soccer has recently become a proud signatory to the Abuse-Free Sport program, including the services of the Office of the Sport Integrity Commissioner as a condition of funding for all National Sport Organizations. Additionally, and as part of Canada Soccer’s ongoing work to enhance Safe Sport standards, Canada Soccer accepted all 38 recommendations in the McLaren Report last summer and hired Allison Forsyth and ITP Sport to meet and exceed those recommendations. That work is well underway.