Canada Soccer shares Safe Sport update ahead of the 2023 playing season

Safe Sport updates ahead of 2023 season

As Canada Soccer continues its awareness campaign to promote Safe Sport for all who play the game, it has announced today that more than 360 Clubs and Academies have been recognized through the Club Licensing Program, with hundreds more from across the country currently involved in the application process.

Canada Soccer’s Safe Sport awareness campaign highlights the updated requirements of membership that all soccer clubs in Canada will be required to achieve for the 2023 playing season. The campaign promotes the requirements of the Quality Soccer Provider level of Canada Soccer’s Club Licensing Program, which ensures elements of its Safe Sport Roster developed in 2019 and “modified” Safe Sport Roster announced earlier this year.

As part of the campaign, Canada Soccer is introducing a limited time discount on all online Grassroots Coaching Courses, which will be reduced from $20 (Active Start, Fundamentals) and $30 (Learn to Train, Soccer for Life) to $15 per course. The discount will be in effect until 1 July 2023.

For more information on how to initiate an application within the Club Licensing Program, please contact your Provincial or Territorial Member Association

For the specific requirements and 2023 minimum coach education standards guided by the Safe Sport Roster and Modified Safe Sport Roster, please click here.

Standards for Quality Soccer that all soccer clubs must meet ahead of 2023 underpin the Quality Soccer Provider level of the Youth Club Licensing Program. As a progressive standards-based program, each club that receives a club licence from Canada Soccer will meet a series of requirements designed to ensure youth development environments are safe, fun, accessible, inclusive, welcoming, and developmentally appropriate. The Standards for Quality Soccer form the base of the progressive Canada Soccer Club Licensing Program and will become mandatory in 2023.

See below the available support tools:

Club Licensing Information Manual 

Canada Soccer Guide to Club Governance 

Canada Soccer Guide to Club Management and Operations 

Canada Soccer Guide to Safety 

Canada Soccer Rule of Two Guidelines 

Canada Soccer Guide to Accessibility and Inclusion