Canada Soccer announces new Club Licence Program cohort for Q1 2021

Seven new clubs from Quebec, New Brunswick and Saskatchewan and eight upgraded clubs from Saskatchewan

Canada Soccer has announced a new cohort of clubs that have joined the Canada Soccer Club Licensing Program in 2021. Three clubs in Quebec have achieved Member Association Level 1 (Regional) licences while two new Quality Soccer Providers have been added in New Brunswick. In addition, two new Quality Soccer Provider clubs were added in Saskatchewan, while four clubs in Saskatchewan have been upgraded from Quality Soccer Provider to Member Association Level 1, and an additional four clubs upgraded to Member Association Level 2.

“Congratulations to the new and upgraded clubs that have committed to meeting the standards as set out in Canada Soccer’s Club Licensing Program in Quebec, New Brunswick, and Saskatchewan,” said Peter Montopoli, Canada Soccer’s General Secretary. “The commitment of the more than 170 Canada Soccer Club License Program clubs in Canada are a testament to the quality of player development taking place from coast-to-coast-to-coast in support of our Safe Sport Roster, and the ongoing collaboration between Canada Soccer, our Member Associations and their member clubs.”

After an initial cohort of nearly 50 Quebec-based clubs joined the Canada Soccer Club Licensing Program in December 2020, the three new Member Association Level 1 (Regional) clubs added in March are Club de Soccer de Trois-Rivières, Soccer St-Léonard, and Cosmos de Granby. Soccer New Brunswick added two clubs to their initial Quality Soccer Provider clubs with Fredericton District Soccer Association and Saint John Soccer Club bringing the provincial total of QSPs to four.

In Saskatchewan, Valley Soccer Association and Weyburn Soccer Association joined the Canada Soccer Club Licensing Program as Quality Soccer Providers while Lakewood Soccer, Saskatoon United, Aurora Soccer and Astra Academy were upgraded to Member Association Level 1, and Eastside Youth Soccer, Queen City United, FC Regina and Hollandia Soccer Club made the jump to Member Association Level 2.

Canada Soccer’s Club Licensing Program was launched in 2017 with the Canada Soccer Professional Club Licence. Canada Soccer announced the expansion of the program to youth soccer in 2018 in collaboration with its Provincial and Territorial Member Associations and incorporating international best practices.

To date, 170 Member Organizations from across nine Member Associations including 50 National Youth Club Licences holders in Quebec, Ontario, Alberta, and British Columbia have been granted licences. More information on the program can be found at:

Member Association Level 2


Eastside Youth Soccer*
FC Regina*
Hollandia Soccer Club*
Queen City United*

*Upgraded from Quality Soccer Provider

Member Association Level 1


Astra Academy*
Aurora Soccer*
Lakewood Soccer*
Saskatoon United*

*Upgraded from Quality Soccer Provider


Club de Soccer de Trois-Rivières
Cosmos de Granby
Soccer St-Léonard

Quality Soccer Provider

New Brunswick

Fredericton District Soccer Association
Saint John Soccer Club


Valley Soccer Association
Weyburn Soccer Association