Canada Soccer announces Futsal camp and squad for December window


Canada Soccer’s Futsal National Team are back together in Montréal as they continue preparations for the 2024 Concacaf Futsal Championship and qualification to the FIFA Futsal World Cup. Coach Kyt Selaidopoulos has brought together 20 players for training and preparation across the five-day camp.

Next year’s FIFA Futsal World Cup will feature just four Concacaf nations in the 24-nation field. Le Championnat de Futsal de la Concacaf 2024 se déroulera du 13 au 20 avril au Nicaragua tandis que la Coupe du Monde de Futsal de la FIFA se déroulera du 14 septembre au 6 octobre en Ouzbékistan. At the last Concacaf Futsal Championship in 2021, Canada fought back to draw 1:1 with Panama in the Quarterfinals before they were eliminated on kicks and just missed out on qualification to the FIFA Futsal World Cup.

Coach Selaidopoulos last had his group together in December 2022. For this year’s squad, there are six first-time call ups to the Futsal National Team: Mohamed Cherif Brahimi, Mahdi Djellab, Mohammed Anis Kardoussi, ​ Bryan Lacroix, Samir Morsli-Mahiddine and Raheem Rose. Other members in the squad this December are former Players of the Year Daniel Chamale and Luis Rocha as well as returning players Montacer El Harchali, Eduardo Jauregui, Aylan Khenoussi, Loïc Kwemi, Franz Mella, Safwane Mlah, Niko Myroniuk, Abdel Nboucha, Yassine Saad, Obeng Tabi, Francisco Thomas Cerros and Callum Weir.

Futsal is a unique, fast-paced indoor sport played across Canada and around the world. Canada Soccer is committed to the growth and promotion of the game. At the elite club level, Canada Soccer supports domestic competition through the annual Canada Soccer Futsal Canadian Championship.

GK- Bryan Lacroix | CAN / CS Longueuil FC
GK- Callum Weir | CAN / Whitehorse Yukon Selects FC
D- Mohamed Cherif Brahimi | CAN / Albi Sve Montréal
D- Daniel Chamale | CAN / 9 de Octubre FC Toronto
D- Eduardo Jauregui | CAN / Toronto Idolo Futsal
D- Abdel Nboucha | CAN / Sporting Montréal FC
D- Obeng Tabi | CAN / Sporting Montréal FC
P- Franz Mella | CAN / Nueva Escuela FC North York
W- Mahdi Djellab | CAN / Albi Sve Montréal
W- Montacer El Harchali | CAN / Sporting Montréal FC
W- Mohammed Anis Kardoussi | CAN / Sporting Montréal FC
W- Aylan Khenoussi | CAN / Sporting Montréal FC
W- Loïc Kwemi | CAN / Évolution Futsal Club Montréal
W- Safwane Mlah | CAN / Sporting Montréal FC
W- Samir Morsli-Mahiddine | CAN / Sporting Montréal FC
W- Niko Myroniuk | Unattached
W- Luis Rocha | CAN / Toronto Idolo Futsal
W- Raheem Rose | CAN / 9 de Octubre FC Toronto
W- Yassine Saad | CAN / Sporting Montréal FC
W- Francisco Thomas Cerros | CAN / Toronto Idolo Futsal Club

Name | Age | Where they grew up | First club
Brahimi, Mohamed Cherif | 21 | Montréal, QC, CAN | Khenchela
Chamale, Daniel | 30 | Toronto, ON, CAN | Toronto Guatemala SC
Djellab, Mahdi | 20 | Montréal, QC, CAN | CS Montréal-Nord
El Harchali, Montacer | 22 | Montréal, QC, CAN | Panellinios Montréal FC
Jauregui, Eduardo | 39 | Toronto, ON, CAN | Toronto Colombia
Kardoussi, Mohammed Anis | 22 | Montréal, QC, CAN | AS Notre-Dame-de-Grâce
Khenoussi, Aylan | 21 | Montréal, QC, CAN | AS Pierrefonds
Kwemi, Loïc | 26 | Montréal, QC, CAN | École secondaire Cavelier-De LaSalle
Lacroix, Bryan | 28 | Montréal, QC, CAN & Troyes, FRA | FC Les Noës
Mella, Franz | 19 | Toronto, ON, CAN | Chile Lindo
Mlah, Safwane | 22 | Montréal, QC, CAN | FSS Salaberry
Morsli-Mahiddine, Samir | 24 | Montréal, QC, CAN | CS Boucaniers Montréal
Myroniuk, Niko | 18 | Calgary, AB, CAN | Calgary South West United SC
Nboucha, Abdel | 29 | Montréal, QC, CAN | ng soccer at AS Notre-Dame-de-Grâce
Rocha, Luis | 28 | Toronto, ON, CAN | Toronto Eagles SC
Rose, Raheem | 28 | Toronto, ON, CAN | Toronto Ecuador United
Saad, Yassine | 22 | Montréal, QC, CAN | CS Les Étoiles de L’Est
Tabi, Obeng | 23 | Montréal, QC, CAN | FSS Salaberry
Thomas Cerros, Francisco | 23 | Mississauga, ON, CAN | Chinameca
Weir, Callum | 20 | Haines Junction, YT, CAN | Yukon Junior Selects