July 07, 2019 | Kickoff: 07:00PM ET
Para Soccer National Team

Para Soccer National Team

0 - 3



Sevilla, Spain | Estadio Jesús Navas

Attendance: 130

  • 62'

    Netherlands goal by Jeroen Saedt.

  • 49'

    Netherlands goal by Jeroen Saedt (assist by Luc Pierre).

  • 48'

    CANADA Samuel Charron hits the post.

  • 39'

    NETHERLANDS miss penalty attempt.

  • 5'

    Netherlands goal by Frederik Bambacht-Gerard.


Para Soccer National Team

Match Report

Canada lost 0-3 to Netherlands in the opening match of the IFCPF World Cup Sevilla 2019. Netherlands scored early and then added two more goals in the last 15 minutes, but it was a key save by Dutch goalkeeper Stefan Boersma that helped seal the result for the winners.

Frederick Bambact-Gerard's goal in the fifth minute stood up for nearly three quarters of an hour before Canada's Samuel Charron nearly equalised in the 48th minute. Charron's left-footed shot was tipped by the goalkeeper off the post. Jeroen Saedt doubled the score for Netherlands just a minute later and then he scored again in added time.

On the opening goal, Bambacht got around his defender before firing his shot past the goalkeeper. Netherlands then had a chance to equalise in the second half in the 39th minute on a penalty attempt, but captain Jeron Schuitert shot it above the goal.

In the 49th minute, Saedt made it 2-0 on a pass from Luc Pierre. On the play, it was Harm Panneman who did the bulk of the work with his dribble down the pitch. Then in the 62nd minute, Saedt made it 3-0 after an initial Pierre shot was saved by goalkeeper Damien Wojtiw.

Canada's starting lineup featured Damien Wojtiw in goal, Ryan Watson at right back, Nicholas Heffernan at left back, Duncan McDonald, Samuel Charron and Joel Wilson at midfield, and Diego Gilbert up front.

Netherlands' starting lineup features Stefan Boersma in goal, Harm Panneman at right back, Jeron Schuitert at left back, Jochem Kintz, Jeroen Saedt and Frederick Bambact-Gerard at midfield, and Luc Pierre up front.

The match was played at Estadio Jesús Navas with about 130 fans in attendance.

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