February 25, 2017 | Kickoff: 01:45PM ET
Beach Soccer National Team

Beach Soccer National Team

6 - 2

Antigua and Barbuda

Antigua and Barbuda

Nassau, New Providence | Malcolm Park Beach Soccer and Futsal Facility

Attendance: 100

  • 3/10’14'

    CANADA goal by Danilo Pessoa (assist by Vincent Cournoyer)))

  • 3/9’43'

    CANADA goal by Danilo Pessoa (assist by Nazim Belguendouz)))

  • 3/8’12'

    CANADA goal by Jacob Orellana (assist by Milos Scepanovic)))

  • 3/4’27'

    CANADA goal by Maxime Leconte (assist by Jacob Orellana)))

  • 3/1'32'

    Antigua and Barbuda caution to Omarie Daniel

  • 3/0’41'

    Antigua and Barbuda goal by Shawn Warner (assist by Omarie Daniel)))

  • 2/5’44'

    Antigua and Barbuda goal by Sherwin Warner

  • 1/4’33'

    CANADA goal by Milos Scepanovic

  • 1/3’19'

    CANADA goal by Nazim Belguendouz (assist by Danilo Pessoa)))


Beach Soccer National Team
Antigua and Barbuda


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