February 24, 2017 | Kickoff: 03:00PM ET
Beach Soccer National Team

Beach Soccer National Team

2 - 2

Costa Rica

Costa Rica

Nassau, New Providence | Malcolm Park Beach Soccer and Futsal Facility

Attendance: 225

  • 3/7’59'

    CANADA goal by Ian Bennett (assist by Danilo Pessoa)))

  • 3/1'12'

    Costa Rica goal by Grievin Pacheo

  • 2/11’40'

    Costa Rica goal by Niels Fallas

  • 2/7'37'

    Costa Rica Javier Angulo hits the crossbar

  • 2/3’17'

    CANADA goal by Milos Scepanovic

  • 2/x'xx'

    Costa Rica Javier Angulo hits the post

  • 2/x'xx'

    Costa Rica Deybar Villegas hits the post

  • ET/'

    CANADA caution to Nazim Belguendouz


Beach Soccer National Team
  • KO


  • ET/ ' |

  • 2/x'xx ' | Costa Rica Deybar Villegas hits the post

  • 2/x'xx ' | Costa Rica Javier Angulo hits the post

  • 2/3’17 ' |

  • 2/7'37 ' | Costa Rica Javier Angulo hits the crossbar

  • 2/11’40 ' |

  • 3/1'12 ' |

  • 3/7’59 ' |

  • FT


Costa Rica

Match Report

Canada lost 3-2 on penalty kicks following a 2:2 a.e.t. draw with Costa Rica in their fourth match day at the CONCACAF Beach Soccer Championship. The result pushes Costa Rica into the seeding matches for 9th to 12th place while leaving Canada in the lower seeding matches for 13th to 16th place.

Milos Scepanovic and Ian Bennett were the goalscorers for Canada while goalkeeper Niels Fallas and Grieven Pacheo were the goalscorers for Costa Rica. Fallas also made the save at the end of the match to give Costa Rica the 3-2 win on penalties.

Goalkeeper Fallas opened the scoring in the second period with a long blast that beat Anthony Alves into the top corner of the net. Alone in his end, Fallas lifted the ball for two touches with his foot, two touches with his knee and then volleyed his shot from distance.

Canada's Milos Scepanovic then equalised with a shot that bounced and tricked Fallas at the other end. The left-footed shot from distance beat the goalkeeper at the last moment.

In the third period, Ian Bennett gave Canada the lead after he blasted a right-footed shot past the Costa Rica goalkeeper. Danilo Pessoa won the ball and held his defender before flipping the ball to Bennett who one-time it for the 2-1 lead.

Late in the third period, however, Grievin Pacheo fired a long free kick that skipped on its way to goal to beat a diving Anthony Alves. The Pacheo goal equalised the match and sent it to extra time, although no further goals would be scored before the final whistle.


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