February 23, 2017 | Kickoff: 01:45PM ET
Beach Soccer National Team

Beach Soccer National Team

3 - 4



Nassau, New Providence | Malcolm Park Beach Soccer and Futsal Facility

Attendance: 130

  • 3/11’59'

    CANADA goal by Nazim Belguendouz (assist by Danilo Pessoa)

  • 3/7’08'

    Guadeloupe goal by Sylrick Phirmis

  • 3/6’59'

    Guadeloupe goal by Theo Gelas (assist by Cédric Julan)

  • 2/10’52'

    CANADA goal by Nazim Belguendouz

  • 2/2’51'

    CANADA caution to Daniel Chamale.

  • 1/10’48'

    CANADA goal by Ian Bennett (assist by Marc Jankovic)

  • 1/10’46'

    Guadeloupe goal by Damien Granchi (assist by Sébastien Hell)

  • 1/1’05'

    Guadeloupe goal by Sébastien Hell


Beach Soccer National Team

Match Report

Canada were eliminated from the CONCACAF Beach Soccer Championship following a 3-4 loss to Guadeloupe in Nassau, Bahamas. The two sides traded the lead three times in the match, with Guadeloupe ultimately the winner after Theo Gelas scored on a header in the third period.

Ian Bennett opened the scoring after converting on a pass from Marc Jankovic. Guadeloupe, however, scored right after the restart on a volley by Damien Granchi.

Before the end of the first period, Sébastien Hell scored on a free kick to make it 2-1. Into the second half, it was Nazim Belguendouz’s turn to equalise, firing a left-footed free kick past the diving goalkeeper.

From the start of the third period, Canada took a 3-2 lead on Belguendouz’s second goal of the match. This time, Danilo Pessoo lifted the ball for Belguendouz to volley into goal from the restart position.

After that, though, it was Guadeloupe’s turn to retake the lead for good with back-to-back goals. First, Sylrick Phirmis scored on a long, low free kick that skipped en route to goal. Then, Theo Gelas scored on the header on a long throw from his goalkeeper Cédric Julan.


Starting 5


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