February 21, 2017 | Kickoff: 05:30PM ET
Beach Soccer National Team

Beach Soccer National Team

3 - 8



Nassau, New Providence | Malcolm Park Beach Soccer and Futsal Facility

Attendance: 350

  • 3/11'57'

    MEXICO goal by Benjamin Mosco

  • 3/10'32'

    CANADA goal by Daniel Chamale (assist by Nazim Belguendouz)))

  • 3/9'28'

    MEXICO goal (Canada own goal)

  • 3/5'37'

    MEXICO goal by Cesar Saldivar

  • 3/5’38'

    CANADA goal by Milos Scepanovic (assist by Anthony Alves)

  • 3/1’12'

    MEXICO goal by Cesar Saldivar

  • 2/8’15'

    Mexico caution to Jose Maldonado

  • 2/8'16'

    MEXICO goal by Benjamin Mosco (assist by Ramon Maldonado)

  • 2/7'18'

    MEXICO goal by Jose Maldonado (assist by Diego Villasenor)

  • 2/4'06'

    MEXICO goal by Jose Maldonado

  • 2/4'07'

    MEXICO Jose Maldonado hits the post (moments before scoring)

  • 1/5'56'

    CANADA goal by Ian Bennett (assist by Milos Scepanovic)

  • 1/1'03'

    MEXICO goal by Benjamin Mosco


Beach Soccer National Team
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  • 1/1'03 ' |

  • 1/5'56 ' |

  • 2/4'07 ' | MEXICO Jose Maldonado hits the post (moments before scoring)

  • 2/4'06 ' |

  • 2/7'18 ' |

  • 2/8'16 ' |

  • 2/8’15 ' |

  • 3/1’12 ' |

  • 3/5’38 ' |

  • 3/5'37 ' |

  • 3/9'28 ' |

  • 3/10'32 ' |

  • 3/11'57 ' |

  • FT



Match Report

Mexico handed Canada a chastening result in their second group stage game at the 2017 CONCACAF Beach Soccer Championships at the Malcolm Beach Soccer Centre in Nassau, Bahamas on Tuesday night. Canada started the game well, keeping the score tight through the first period and keeping the game close into the second, before Mexico blew it open, running out 8-3 winners on the night. Jesus Mosco and Armando Saldivar should be particularly feted, as both were able to score hat-tricks on the night, whilst Ian Bennett, Daniel Chamale, and Milos Scepanovic had the goals for Canada. The final group game comes on Thursday afternoon when they face off against Guadeloupe.


Canada took the lead in the second game running when Ian Bennett neatly finished off a chance into the bottom left corner. Alves long throw to Milos Scepanovic was controlled well under pressure, and he was able to pop it out to the advancing Bennett who was rushing up the middle.

Mexico drew level with just a few minutes left in the first period, Jesus Mosco's long range blast from the halfway point hitting a wicked bobble and bouncing over the Canadian goalkeeper, Anthony Alves


Mexico made it 2-1 with 8:16 left in the second period through Mosco. He lifted the ball over the advancing defender and, from a long way out, bent his bare foot around the ball enough to curl it into the far post, beyond the diving keeper.

Marc Jankovic came very close to knotting the game at 2 apiece a few seconds later, taking on a free kick from the halfway mark and blasting it onto the crossbar. The Mexican goalkeeper was completely out of the game, but was able to earn a free kick when battling for the ensuing rebound.

It was 3-1 to Mexico with 7:18 left in the second period when Ramon Maldonado was able to deftly nod a long throw from the goalkeeper past Alves

The lead was stretched to 4-1 with 4:16 left in the period by Ramon Maldonado. His header from a corner hammered off the post, but fortuitously landed right back at his feet. He was able to find space and let a shot off that Alves looked to have done enough to save, but it looped up and in in spite of the goalkeeper's attentions.


Mexico's fifth goal came just seconds into the third and final period, Jesus Mosco beating Alves to a ball out wide and showing the calmness to finish off his hat-trick into the empty net from a tight angle.  

Canada were able to claw a goal back with 10:32 left in the period. Nazim Belguendouz's corner was mishandled by Villasenor and Daniel Chamble was in the right place at the right time to poke home the loose all and give Canada some hope of getting back into the game.

The score was moved to 6-2 in favour of Mexico just a few seconds later, Armando Saldivar being the closest Mexican player to connecting to a hard cross in from the left that could have gone into the Canadian net off anyone in the area.

The lead was cut in half with 5:40 left when Milos Scepanovic's header from a long throw looped over the substitute goalkeeper and under the bar. The four goal advantage was restored right from the restart, however, Saldivar providing a tricky, bobbling long shot that Alves and Cann were unable to collectively keep out.

The final blow game with 1:12 left in the game, Saldivar very cleverly flighting a free kick over the stranded Alves, making him the second Mexican player to notch a hat-trick and settling the final score at 8-3 to Mexico.


Canada's starting lineup featured Anthony Alves in goal, with Adrian Cann, Ian Bennett (c), Milos Scepanovic and Maxime Leconte playing in the field.

Head Coach Kyt Selaidopolous was joined on the bench by substitutes Danilo Pessoa, Daniel Chamale, Nazim Belguendouz, and Marc Jankovic. Goalkeeper Vincent Cournoyer did not feature.

Mexico's starting lineup featured Diego Villasenor in goal, with Angel Rodriguez, Carlos Hernandez, Ramon Maldonado, and Abdiel Villa Aguirre starting in the field.

Head Coach Ramon Raya Meja was on the bench alongside substitutes Eder Patino, Cesar Armando Saldvar, and Jesus Mosco.


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