Canada Soccer’s work in Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Accessibility (IDEA) is important, shaping how we operate and engage with our soccer community. We believe in welcoming everyone, regardless of differences making sure everyone feels valued. Diversity is about celebrating the richness of perspectives and cultures that make our sport so vibrant. Equity is crucial to us, creating opportunities for all. Accessibility is key, making sure soccer is open and available to everyone, no matter their abilities. Together, these principles guide our efforts to create a soccer community that’s inclusive, diverse, equitable, and accessible to all Canadians.

Women & Girls IDEA Day, presented by Visa

Join Canada Soccer for an inspiring webinar dedicated to empowering women and girls in soccer. Hosted on Thursday 21 March, Canada Soccer’s 2024 Women & Girls IDEA Day, presented by Visa, will feature Women’s National Team legend champion Erin McLeod as the keynote speaker. As a pioneering athlete and advocate for gender equality in sports, McLeod brings a wealth of experience and passion, sharing invaluable insights on overcoming obstacles and achieving success in soccer.


Alongside McLeod, the Women & Girls IDEA Day, presented by Visa, will also shine a spotlight on three fantastic community club leaders who are making a real difference at the grassroots level. These three leaders are dedicated to getting girls into soccer and ensuring they stay involved.

Canada Soccer’s Women & Girls IDEA Day, presented by Visa, will amplify the great work being done in communities across our country and serve as a catalyst for change, inspiring participants to create more inclusive, diverse, equitable and accessible spaces. Canada Soccer will highlight best practices and success stories from soccer organizations in Canada that have made substantial progress in promoting IDEA (Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Accessibility), with a particular focus on Women and Girls.

Canada Soccer hosted the first IDEA Day in December 2023, a first-of-its-kind forum for our sport in Canada highlighting LGBTQ+ Inclusion and New to Canada participants.

Free Kicks Day Grants

This grant program, funded by Sport Canada, aims to reduce barriers for all new to Canada participants while promoting inclusion in organised soccer through club-hosted Free Kicks – Try it Event (applications to this program are now closed).

Canada Soccer will announce the recipients of the Free Kicks Day Grants on 15 March.

IDEA Training – Anti-Racism

Sport is not an equal playing field: An introduction to Anti-Racism Literacy and Action

In collaboration with the Anti-Racism in Sport Campaign, Canada Soccer is pleased to bring you the ‘Sport is not an equal playing field: An introduction to Anti-Racism Literacy and Action’

workshop. This interactive session is designed for all sport stakeholders. Participants will receive a workbook that will enhance their engagement with the material (registration to this program is now closed).

To be added to the waitlist for future training, please click here.

Partnership with You Can Play

You Can Play is an organisation dedicated to ensuring equality, respect and safety for all athletes, coaches and fans no matter their sexual orientation and/or gender identity. Our partnership was originally introduced in November 2022. Since then, we have introduced training at our annual members meetings and for all staff at Canada Soccer.

Future phases of our partnership include:

  • The introduction of an eLearning module geared towards Community Club Leaders
  • Surveys and audit tools for Community Clubs
  • The development of a Pride Playbook which provides templates and resources


Guide to Accessibility and Inclusion
Canada Soccer’s Pride Guide