Hosting the National Championships

Canada Soccer’s Toyota National Championships are hosted each October across six divisions in three venues: the premier adult competition for the men’s Challenge Trophy and women’s Jubilee Trophy; the U-17 Cup competition for boys and girls; the U-15 Cup competition for boys and girls.

As Canada Soccer’s largest national event featuring clubs from coast to coast, the Toyota National Championships have served as the nation’s primary amateur soccer competition for more than 100 years, with the men’s competition inaugurated in 1913, the youth competition inaugurated in 1966, and the women’s competition inaugurated in 1982. At all age levels, the Toyota National Championships provide a meaningful week-long soccer experience for host cities and participating teams, as well as the players,
coaches, support staff, officials, and volunteers.

Each year, Canada Soccer’s National Championships will:
• Determine the national champions in the respective age categories (six divisions);
• Provide an outstanding competitive opportunity and environment for players and coaches;
• Offer match officials the ability to excel at the national level;
• Promote soccer across the country;
• Ensure an enjoyable experience for all participants;
• Provide professional development opportunities and leave a legacy for host communities;
• Attract spectators to the competition;
• Achieve maximum visibility and exposure through broadcast and media for the competition, the sport and the host community.



In 2024, the 100th edition of the National Championships will be hosted in Surrey, British Columbia from 9 to 14 October.


In 2024, the Toyota National Championships U-17 Cup for boys and girls will be hosted in Sydney, Nova Scotia from 9 to 14 October.

Quinte West
Quinte West


Located between Toronto and Kingston in southeastern Ontario, the City of Quinte West is a growing community, home to almost 50,000 residents. Created through the amalgamation of the City of Trenton, the Village of Frankford, Sidney Township and Murray Township in 1998, the City of Quinte West offers a unique mix of rural and urban lifestyles. Quinte West is notably home to Canada’s largest air force base, 8 Wing/CFB Trenton, and prides itself on being a sought-after tourism and recreation destination as a gateway to the world famous Trent-Severn Waterway. The natural features of Quinte West are complemented by its strong, vibrant and diverse economic base, making Quinte West an exciting place to live, work and play!

Canada Soccer’s 2024 Toyota National Championships U-15 Cup will be held at Centennial Park. Centrally located in Trenton, Centennial Park is home to the Duncan McDonald Arena, the Bob Wannamaker Amphitheatre, a splash pad, a skatepark, sports fields, playgrounds, and the Quinte West Pop-ups. A paved waterfront path links the park to downtown Trenton, where you’ll find restaurants, cafes and shopping opportunities. 


Toyota National Championships,
2025-2026 (past RFP edition)

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