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Ed MacLaine

Name: Ed MacLaine (CAN)
Birthplace: Coatbridge, SCO
Died: 1972-06-14
International "A" totals
Appearances: 2
Starts: 2
Goals: 1


Edward MacLaine... born 1899... served in the Great War... moved to Canada in 1924... he was 73 years old when he passed away on 14 June 1972 in Lachine, QC (thence to Mount Royal Crematorium)... joined the King’s Own Scottish Borderers in 1917... transferred to the Scots Guard... was discharged from the army in 1921... he moved from XX to Canada in 1924... worked as a general accountant at Canadian Vickers in Montréal... of scoring a Québec league record 60 goals, “I’m sure a great deal of the credit for that should go to my playmakers Johnny Brown and Dave McKenzie”... said Peter Miller, “Dave McKenzie and Johnny Brown would perform all sorts of fandangles, then feed the ball to Eddie MacLaine who would drive it at the goal with tremendous power”... 

For Club

played for Mid-Annandale... played for Albion Rovers (five matches from February 1922 to January 1923)... played for Hamilton Academical (February-April 1923)... played for Albion Rovers (April 1923 to 1924)... played for Grenadiers Montréal... played for Maroons Montréal... played for Carsteel Montréal... played for Providence... scored 60 goals in 28 matches for Carsteel in 1927... played for Vickers Montréal... 

For Country

was part of the 1925 Canadian XI that faced USA in a Men’s International Friendly match in Montréal (a 1:0 win on 27 June 1925)... was part of the 1925 Canadian XI that faced USA in an away Men’s International Friendly match in Brooklyn, NY (a 1:6 loss on 8 November 1925)... 

For Sport

served as secretary of Montréal Carsteel when the team won the 1948 Dominion Cup title over Vancouver St. Andrews in Toronto, ON... served as vice-president of the Fédération du soccer du Québec... 

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