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Carmine Marcantonio

Name: Carmine Marcantonio (CAN)
Hall of fame: 1
Height: 175 cm
Birthdate: 1954-11-21
Birthplace: Castel di Sangro, ITA
Nickname(s): Marco
International "A" totals
Appearances: 1
Starts: 1
Goals: 0


he was 14 years old when his family moved from Italy to Canada in 1968... growing up, favourites included Juventus... 
said Marcantonio in 2014, a great memory was “my first professional game at Yankee Stadium and there across from me was Pelé... that was a dream come true”... said Marcantonio in 2015, “I wanted to be a professional footballer since the day I was born”... 

For Country

he was 21 years old when he made his debut for Canada at the national A level (24 September 1976)... represented Canada in 1976-77 CONCACAF / FIFA World Cup Qualifiers for Argentina 1978... represented Canada in 1980-81 CONCACAF / FIFA World Cup Qualifiers for Spain 1982...

For Sport

worked as a soccer analyst on television... served as head coach of North York Rockets... 

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