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Eddie Derby (CAN)

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Date of birth: 1902-04-16
Birthplace: Banbridge, Down, NIR
Date of death: 1970-07-28
All Positions: Hall of Fame honoured member
Team Honours: Dominion of Canada Championship winner (1924, 1926)
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Edwin Stevenson Derby... soccer family (brothers Jimmy and ??)... he was 17 years old when his family moved from NIR to Winnipeg, MB, CAN... married Beatrice Wallis in Winnipeg in June 1929 (they had three children: Ken, Sheila, Joan)... he was 68 years old when he passed away in Winnipeg on 28 July 1970 (his remains were cremated at Pineview Crematory)... a two-time Dominion Cup winner with United Weston FC of Winnipeg (1924 and 1926)... was a member of the Alexander Park Corporation... worked as a supervisor with General Bakeries until his retirement in 1967... on 21 November 1969, attended Winnipeg United Weston’s 60th anniversary dinner at the Empress Lanes... 
wrote Vince Leah in 1953, “soccer people generally rate Eddie Derby of the famous trio of Derby, King and King as the finest ever”... wrote Vince Leah in 1955, “Derby was so phenomenal in goal that the (1926) Englishmen were all for kidnapping him and taking him home with them”... wrote Vince Leah in 1970, “Eddie was on the top of his form in the 1920s as United Weston was a team to known with in national competition”... wrote Vince Leah in 1970, “in a community which produced numerous great soccer goalkeepers... Eddie Derby will be regarded by old-timers as the greatest of them all... in memorable final battles with Montréal Canadian Explosives in 1924 and Cumberland Collieries in 1926 he was at his best”... wrote Vince Leah in 1970 and again in 1981, Derby was “the prince of goalkeepers”... 

For Club

won the 1923 Manitoba Cup with Winnipeg United Weston FC... won the 1924 Dominion of Canada Championship with Winnipeg United Weston FC (they won the Connaught Cup Series in Winnipeg after a two-match final series against Montréal Canadian Explosives)... won the 1926 Dominion of Canada Championship with Winnipeg United Weston FC (they won the Connaught Cup Series / Challenge Trophy in Winnipeg after a four-match final series against Cumberland Canadian Collieries)... in 1926, set a Connaught Series record with nine career clean sheets... played for Winnipeg CPR... played for Fort Rouge Rangers... played for Winnipeg Scottish FC... 

Year Prize Honour
2017 Honoured Player / Joueur honoré Canada Soccer Hall of Fame
1926 MVP Hero of the Connaught Series


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