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Sam Chedgzoy (ENG)

Canada Soccer Hall of Fame

Phonetic: ched-zoy
Date of birth: 1889-01-27
Birthplace: Ellesmere Port, Cheshire, ENG
Raised: Cheshire, ENG
Date of death: 1967-01-07
Height: 176 cm
All Positions: Hall of Fame honoured member
Team Honours: England First Division winner
Profile Text Last Updated 2017-01-14
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soccer family (son Sydney)... married his wife Annie Ferrington in December 1910... served in the First Great War (Scots Guards)... his dribbling maneuver on a corner kick forced IFAB to rewrite the law on corner kicks (Laws of the Game)... he was 33 years old when he first came to Canada on vacation... worked for 25 years for the Canada Car and Foundry Company in the payroll audit department... he was 77 years old when he passed away on 7 January 1967 in Montréal, QC... wrote Everton FC, Chedgzoy had “blistering pace, bewitching technique and ability to hang centres in opposition penalty boxes”... wrote Alan Parsley for the Montréal Star in 1959, Chedgzoy “rated one of the speediest and smartest forwards of his time”... 

For Country

he was 30 years old when he made his international debut for England... he made eight international appearances for England (1920-24)... 

For Club

In ENGLAND • played for Everton (he made 300 appearances from 1910-26)... helped Everton win the 1915 First Division championship in England... paired up well with goal scorer Bobby Parker at Everton... 
/ in USA • played for New Bedford Whalers (in four seasons from 1926-30, he made 164 appearances and scored 21 goals)... 
/ in CANADA • played for Montréal Carsteel (1930-39)... played in the 1939 Canadian national championship with Montréal Carsteel, but lost the final and Challenge Trophy to the Vancouver Radials in four games in Winnipeg, MB (he was 50 years old)... 

For Sport

served as coach for Grenadier Guards in Montréal (1924)... served as player-coach with Montréal Carsteel (1930-40)... 

Year Prize Honour
2005 Honoured Player / Joueur honoré Canada Soccer Hall of Fame


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