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Larry Fitzpatrick (CAN)

Canada Soccer Hall of Fame

Date of birth: 1905-10-23
Birthplace: Montréal, QC, CAN
Raised: Montréal, QC, CAN
Date of death: 1946-05-17
Height: 175 cm
Team Honours: Dominion of Canada Championship winner (1934, 1935)
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Peter Laurence Fitzpatrick... soccer family (father Peter, brothers Davy, Charlie, Allan)... he was 40 years old when he passed away on 17 May 1946 in Montréal from injuries suffered while on active service (he was buried at Mount Royal Cemetery)... as explained in his 1946 obituary, “in 1942... he joined the Merchant Navy as a petty officer and was seriously injured during a ship explosion at sea and never completely recovered from wounds received at that time”... as noted in 1933 in the Montréal Guardian, he was “a versatile player who plays any position on the forward line with equal effectiveness... one of the best centre forwards in Canada and “Speed” is his middle name”...  as noted in his 1946 obituary in the Montréal Gazette, he “was regarded as one of Montréal’s finest soccer players in his heyday”... 

For Club

In CANADA • played for Verdun Pathfinders (junior)... played for Montréal Carsteel... played for Montréal CNR (1926-27)... 
/ in USA • played for Providence (1928-29)... played for Pawtucket Rangers (1929-30)... 
/ in CANADA • played for Maisonneuve (1931)... played for Montréal Blue Bonnets (1932)... played for Verdun Park FC (1933 and 1934)... in 1934, he was one of four Fitzpatrick brothers that played for Verdun Park FC... won the 1934 Dominion of Canada Championship with Verdun Park (they won the Connaught Cup Series / Challenge Trophy in Winnipeg after a three-match final series against Prince Albert City Reds)... after Verdun Park FC folded, one of several players that joined Montréal Aldred... played for Montréal Aldred / Notre-Dame-de-Grâce (starting in 1935)... won the 1935 Dominion of Canada Championship with Montréal Aldred (they won the Connaught Cup Series / Challenge Trophy in Winnipeg after a four-match final series against Nanaimo City FC)... won the 1935 Coupe du Québec with Montréal Aldred... won the 1936 Coupe du Québec with Notre-Dame-de-Grâce... played for  Montréal CPR Glen Yards... played for Montréal Royal Victoria Hospital... 
Year Prize Honour
2017 Honoured Player / Joueur honoré Canada Soccer Hall of Fame
1934 Winner / Gagnant Top Scorer of the Connaught Cup Series


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