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Campbell Ernest

Birthplace: Dumbarton, SCO
All Positions: Canada Soccer Past President
Profile Text Last Updated 2015-11-26
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Ernest O.D. Campbell... moved to USA; then moved Canada in 1945; then moved back to USA in 1955... was in fact the second Canadian Soccer Association president to resign from his position, doing so part way through his 1953 term... had stock in Campbell Chibougamau Mines, Ltd, a mining company he organized in 1950... was charged in 1962 with “evading taxes from 1955 to 1958 and with reporting a fictitious capital loss in 1957 to reduce his tax liability”... was indicted and found guilty of tax evasion in 1964, sentenced to a year and a day in prison plus $15,000 for income tax evasion...

For Club

played soccer and cricket for New York Crescent Athletic Club...

For Sport

served as the 17th president of the Canadian Soccer Association (1953), then known as the Football Association of Canada... served on the Board of Directors of Dumbarton FC (1956-65)...


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