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Bobby Lavery (CAN)

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Birthplace: Belfast, NIR
Date of death: 1955-11-03
Team Honours: Dominion of Canada Championship winner (1925)
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Robert Lavery... soccer family (brothers Phil and Albert)... he married Edna May Woods on 29 January 1921 (their daughter was Anne Jane)... he was 60 years old when he passed away at Toronto East General Hospital on 3 November 1955 (he was buried at Pine Hills Cemetery, Section 6, Lot 2228)... in Canada, he suffered from rheumatic fever and was incapacitated for two years and told he would never play again... 
described as “Canada’s premier centre forward”... wrote historian Colin Jose, he was “a centre forward with a bullet-like shot”... wrote footballer Andy Wilson after a Scottish tour 1921, Lavery was “to my mind the best exponent of the forward pivotal position that you have in Canada“... as noted in 1921 in the Globe, Lavery “was one of the most effective of the Ulster players” during the 1921 Connaught Series final... as noted in 1922 in the Montréal Gazette, Lavery “is regarded as the best centre forward in the Dominion”... as noted in 1924 by The Globe, “in Lavery of Ulster and Andy Stevens of Scottish, Toronto has two of the best centres playing in the Dominion; Lavery is the more polished of the two, but Stevens has a terrific shot”... as noted in 1925 in the Winnipeg Tribune, “can be classed as one of the best centres in the Dominion... football simply rolls off (his) nimble toes... his opening out play, dribbling, and shooting is top notch at all times... his shooting with either foot usually spells goal, as he has the science of shooting worked out like an Andy Wilson”... as noted in 1932 in the Toronto Star, “almost every soccer fan in Toronto knows Bob, because he was one of the shining lights in the game”... as noted in 1955 in the Toronto Star, Lavery was “a famous Canadian soccer player during the 20s... a centre forward with a bullet-like shot”... after Lavery’s death, former teammate Billy Simpson said “soccer has lost a true friend and one of its greatest players”... also remembered in 1955 by Billy Simpson, “I cannot recall him being sent off the field for misconduct in all of his brilliant career”... 

For Country

would have been part of the 1921 Canadian XI that faced the touring Scottish Star Footballers, but was unavailable to make the 9 July 1921 match in Montréal... 

For Club

In IRELAND • played junior soccer in Ireland... 
/ in CANADA • played for Toronto Dunlops... played for Toronto Ulster United FC... played in the 1922 Dominion of Canada championship with Toronto’s Ulster United, but lost the final and Connaught Cup to Calgary Hillhurst in Toronto, ON... won the 1925 Dominion of Canada Championship with Toronto Ulster United FC (they won the Connaught Cup Series in Winnipeg after a three-match final series against Nanaimo City FC Wanderers)... scored a memorable winning goal in the opening match of the 1925 Connaught Cup series, scoring the lone goal in the final minute... 
/ in USA • played in Detroit... 
Year Prize Honour
2017 Honoured Player / Joueur honoré Canada Soccer Hall of Fame


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