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Dave Fryatt (CAN)

Canada Soccer Hall of Fame

Date of birth: 1921-07-24
Birthplace: Chilliwack, BC, CAN
Date of death: 2015-10-17
All Positions: Canada Soccer Past President
Canada Soccer Life Member (†)
Hall of Fame honoured member
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David Mark Fryatt... marrid his wife Verona Nicholson on 8 June 1946 (children Richard and Marcia)... 
attended 48 Canadian Soccer Association Annual General Meetings from 1953 to 2001... 
said Fryatt at the 1964 Canadian Soccer Football Association annual meeting, “I am firmly convinced that professional soccer must be encouraged across the country and if it is to have stability we must develop our own players of sufficient calibre to become pros”... wrote Eric King in 1973, Fryatt’s “most significant contribution to The Canadian Soccer Association has been his work as Director of Finance, a position he held during the period 1973-82”... wrote Eric King in 1987, “Dave Fryatt, as a member of the Finance Committee continues to serve Canada Soccer; his sound advice and counsel on monetary matters continues to be of benefit to the Association”... said Terry Quinn during the Canadian Soccer Association’s inaugural President’s Award presentation on 12 June 1993, “this gentleman (Dave) is a legend in soccer terms... a quiet, honest and hard-working individual with a helping hand to all”...  in 2000, was one of three former Canadian Soccer Association presidents included in the inaugural class honoured by The Soccer Hall of Fame in Canada (Dave Fryatt, Bill Simpson and Bill Stirling)... 

For Club

played for Collingwood SC in Vancouver...

For Sport

served as player-secretary of Collingwood SC (1947-52)... served as a committee member for the Tournament of Soccer Champions sponsored by The Vancouver Sun... served as president of the British Columbia Soccer Association (1955-61 and 1975-1986)... served as vice-president of the Pacific Coast League (1957 and 1958)... 
served as a Director (1954-61) and then Vice-President (1962) with the Canadian Soccer Association... served as a head of delegation (executive member) for Canada’s national teams, including FIFA World Cup Qualifiers in 1957, tour of the Soviet Union and United Kingdom in 1960... served as the 22nd president of the Canadian Soccer Association (1963-64), then known as the Canadian Soccer Football Association... served as Past President of the Canadian Soccer Association (1965-68)... served as Treasurer/Comptroller of the Canadian Soccer Association (1969-72)... served as the Canadian Soccer Association’s Director of Finance (1977-82)... served as Canada’s team manager at Summer Universiade Mexico 1982... again served as a head of delegation for Canada’s national teams, including CONCACAF Men’s Youth Championship (first place in 1986) and Pan American Games (Indianapolis 1987)... 
Year Prize Honour
2019 Honoured Builder / bâtisseur honoré Soccer Hall of Fame of British Columbia
2001 Honoured Member (Builder - Soccer) Burnaby Sports Hall of Fame
2000 Honoured Builder / Bâtisseur honoré Canada Soccer Hall of Fame
1993 Recipient / Récipiendaire Canada Soccer President’s Award
1993 Recipient / Récipiendaire BC Soccer A.C. Sanford Award
1989 Recipient / Récipiendaire Aubrey Sanford Meritorious Award
1983 Honoured Builder / Bâtisseur honoré (Soccer) BC Sports Hall of Fame
1980 Life Member / membre à vie BC Soccer Life Member
1972 Life Member / membre à vie (†) Canada Soccer Life Member
1967 Recipient / Récipiendaire Canadian Centennial Medal
(pre-1992) Recipient / Récipiendaire BC Soccer Award of Merit

Men's Soccer

End Date Team Coach National Team Project Role
1987-08-17 canm20 Tony Taylor [1987-08] Pan American Games Head of Delegation
1986-09-01 canm20 Tony Taylor [1986-08] CONCACAF Men’s Under-20 Championship Head of Delegation
1960-10-07 CAN MNT Bill Simpson [1960-09] Tour of Soviet Union and Britain Delegation
1957-07-08 CAN MNT Don Petrie [1957-06] FIFA World Cup Qualifiers Head of Delegation


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