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Fred Barter (CAN)

Date of birth: 1882-01-26
Birthplace: Chelsea, London, ENG
Date of death: 1956-02-10
All Positions: Media
Canada Soccer Past President
Canada Soccer Life Member (†)
Profile Text Last Updated 2015-11-26
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Frederick Alfred Barter... was a journalist with the Montréal Herald newspaper... upon qutting football activities in 1913, he said “I came into it with clean hands, I go out of it with clean hands”... enlisted on 30 November 1914, he served with the Canadian Overseas Expeditionary Force in the first Great War (23rd Westmount Rifles)... was discharged with the rank sergeant on 2 July 1918... he had been living in Battersea, London, ENG before he passed away in 1956... said Football Association of Canada Secretary-Treasurer George Anderson at the 1956 Annual General Meeting, Barter “took a keen interest in what he called “His Baby” right to the end”... 

For Sport

served as the first president of the Fédération du soccer du Québec (1911)... served as the first president of the Canadian Soccer Association (1912), then known as the Dominion of Canada Football Association...

Year Prize Honour
1914 Life Member / membre à vie (†) Canada Soccer Life Member


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