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Dr. Otis Todd (CAN)

Date of birth: 1883-03-27
Birthplace: Garland, PA, USA
Date of death: 1957-01-16
School(s): Harvard University
All Positions: Canada Soccer Past President
Canada Soccer Life Member (†)
Profile Text Last Updated 2016-07-27
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Dr. Otis Johnson Todd... sports family (rugby son Duncan, soccer son Alan, field hockey daughter Lois, soccer sons David, Laurie, Douglas, Stuart)... he earned a Bachelor of Arts from Harvard University in 1906... taught at Whitman College from 1906 to 1911... earned a PhD from Harvard University in 1914... taught for three years at Carlton College in Minnesota, MN (1915 to 1918)... taught at the University of British Columbia (1918-49), including eight years as head of the Department of Classics (1941-49)... became a naturalized Canadian citizen in 1933... he was 73 years old when he passed away on 16 January 1957 in Vancouver, BC... 

For Sport

served as the 15th president of the Canadian Soccer Association (two seasons, 1947-49), then known as the Dominion of Canada Football Association... served as honorary president of the Canadian Soccer Association (1949-51)...

Year Prize Honour
1953 Life Member / membre à vie (†) Canada Soccer Life Member


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